Sonic Spinball

Sonic Spinball is a pinball-type game. You play as Sonic and your goal, in a pinball-style, is to collect all the chaos emeralds in a level to be able to get to the boss fight. Once you've beaten the boss, you go to the next level. Unfortunately, there are only 4 levels in the game.

I played this throughout my childhood and loved the game. Every now and then, I'll pop it in the Genesis/GC and play for awhile. It was a great spin-off to the main series, but very short. I loved the third level with the machines and really hated the last level due to the struggles of hitting the buttons. Overall, it was a fun, great game.

What do you think of it?
Justin said:
The Game Gear version is just awful from what I remember playing on Sonic Gems Collection.

The Genesis version is pretty fun. I liked the music. Although I really suck at this game. I can hardly get past the first stage. xD
Agreed with this. Though the Genesis version was pretty fun, I even managed to get some bonus stages, too. I managed to get to the final level, but I've never been able to reach the boss area and defeat Robotnik.
It took me awhile to beat the game, but that last level took a lot of patience. The blue emeralds never really occurred to me...that is odd. I haven't tried the GG version, but from YouTube videos, it looks horrible.

I loved the bonus stage where you knocked Robotnik's teeth out. XD