Someone Needs to Explain This Board

I thought this board would be for all things Mega Man, but so far it's only looking like "the classic series". I just need some clearing up cause I can only talk about certain aspects of the series and not all classic :p

I've always wanted to play these [NES] games, but I don't want to on an emulator, so it's whatever :p I do have the Mega Man X Collection for the Gamecube, but I don't have a Gamecube nor Wii to play it on, so it's whatevez :/

I only have MM2 on iTouch (yea, and I beat it/played it for the first time on there as well :p) and I have Mega Man X on SNES. The only 2 Mega Man games I recall playing and beating. There is a Mega Man Zero game I rented for PlayStation back in the day, and it was pretty fun. Don't recall which though.
Okay. I was starting to feel left out :'( But definitely for this month I will try and tackle all these games as I can. I'm just not all that smart at Mega Man so I don't know which to tackle first (since you usually have to go in a particular order to get the right shots for the right boss).