Some quotes I stol--I MEAN TOTALLY ARE MINE!!

"I've heard that joke before. That's the sign of a bad comedian. Comedians, see, they've got to be original. Otherwise the audience won't laugh, and he'll go home to his wife and kid and eat TV dinners instead of going out to eat, and talk about the weather and how sunny it is outside. Wifey will ask him why they're not at the restaurant they talked about, he'll eat his green beans, wifey will ask again, more insistent this time, and he'll smile real big and SHOOT THEM BOTH IN THE FACE!! Eat your vegetables, dear. Haha... trust me, I know a thing or three about comedians. You're not that funny to me. Not yet." -The Joker

"And they say I'm crazy.." The Joker

J'adore la bou" Chelsea Nyeh

"Hey puddin wanna rev up your Harley?" Harley Quinn
"Sweet Lurline!!" Wicked

"I think Charlie Brown has nice hands.." Linus in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.

"Ye and God said unto Abraham 'You shall kill your son Isaac' and Abraham said 'I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. Please speak into the mic.'
'Oh I'm sorry.. Test, check, check, test, check. Jerry check the high on in here I'm getting a lot of hiss.." Stewie

"Damn the Wright Brothers! Damn the broccoli and DAMN YOU!!!" Stewie

"Geez Lois if we wanted to put on a bad show we'd do Rent.." Peter Griffin
"Find him you idiots!!! If you don't find him I'll... I'll.. I'll hurt you.." The Joker.
"It happens.." Chelsea Nyeh..

"No matter how your heat is grieving, if you keep on believing. The dreams that you wish will come true." Illene Woods AKA Cinderella

"No I'm not Walt Disney.. I get mistaken for him all the time and if I ever find that SOB I'm going to tell him what I think of him." Walt Disney

"My name is Princess Angelina Contesta Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bo Besca III but you can call me Dot. Call me Dotty and you die." Dot Warner

"Good news Flappy! I've decided not to kill you." Stewie

"Henry give the skank a 20.." Random old lady on Family Guy

"Theater is like anal sex. It either goes well or it doesn't.." Andrew Bradford

"And way down there, those tiny little black things! Those are bugs they make the crops grow!" Keaton

"Oh, what, just because a guy likes to dress effeminately, and hang out with another extremely attractive man, and read yaoi, and flaunt his gorgeous abs and stroke a phallic symbol suggestively in every other scene that automatically makes him GAY?"

"Kinda..." -Marik and Bakura

"The hell? Seriously what creepy 36 1/2 year old virgin, living in his mothers basement, eating microwave corndogs and frozen fishsticks, while creating computer viruses and watching Hentai, making two cents per anime porn poster he creates, selling them on ebay to the highest bidder, smoking marshmellow fluff cuz he cant afford decent crack, does this stuff?"

Lo! I will pour out to you my spirit, I will aquaint you with my words

Because I called and you refused
I extended my hand and no one took notice

Because you disdained all my counsel
and my reproof you ignored

I, in turn, will laugh at your doom;
I will mock when terror overtakes you, Proverbs 1:23-24

"Shaquanka Tapanka" Emily Vandewoestyne

Facebook: Where you can call your friend a back stabbing skank, and then you're married to them an hour later.

Some white chick from Medea Goes to Jail: THIS JEMIMAH THE HUT IS MOVING MY CAR

Shin-Chan Kid: Will you help me with my homework?

Teacher: Just copy off the ugly girl in the front.

Shin-Chan: It's easier to grab your cock by the neck then tossing your rocks off in the bushes..

You and I should both know, there's plenty wrong with me... The Joker

You can teach an old dog new tricks but you can't teach Madonna how to act. Yako Warner