So over Spring Break, I played MP5 with my friends.

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Quite personally, I loved every moment of it. I do remember playing this one when it first came out but my interest in MP was severely dwindling that I just ignored it after a while.

I loved the Capsule System, the minigames were fun, and the boards had skillful design.

Then my friend decided to put in MP6 instead and that shit was just garbage.

But, overall, MP5 was very enjoyable for me and I completely misjudged it. I still find the 64 versions way more enjoyable but MP5 is still pretty good.
I actually found the opposite. Mario Party 6 was amazing and is my favorite one ever, while 5 is only beating 7 & 8 lol
Mario Party 5's Party Mode is a huge mess for me (Capsules do more harm than help you IMO and Boards I found nothing special about them lol), but most mini games from it are AMAZING. Pushy penguins, Heat Stroke, Big Top Drop, Defuse or Lose, Fish Upon a Star, Frozen Frenzy, Astro Logical are so much more are fantastic. XD
That sounds good for you. I have only the played the 64 and Wii Mario parties with others. I'd imagine playing 5 with others would be fun since it has great mingames and modes, especially the bonus mode. I personally dislike the capsules just in this one. No way to purchase desirable ones and getting cruddy ones is a big flaw to me. Its still fun but I hated the story mode the most, It seemed to contain tons of luck in it. The plot was decent though. I could play card party for hours by myself.

As for Mario Party 6, Its my second favorite Mario Party. It had the second best soundtrack and the BEST battle minigames of all time, very fun ones. Speak Up is a fun one to play, the mic's unresponsive behavior is hilarious to me.

I enjoy these two Mario Parties and I am inspired to play these two with friends now.
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