So I've been here 2 years...

So as everyone's been making these anniversary topics, I just realized that this past Jan 4 was my two year anniversary. Anyways I'd like to say a few things and add to the cliche

I still can't believe its been two years.. I can still remember finding SMPS 1 and thinking it was all cool to finally find a mario party forum.. Fun times..

Aegis- We've had our disagreements but all and all you're a pretty cool guy. I really admire your conviction and your amazing debating skills.

DKH- Spoiled little... I mean funny how I could never get you on this site unless there was drama happening. Glad you decided to stick around.

Cook- I swear you should be admin again. You always know how to disarm drama and somehow know what will make everyone happy.

MLYW- You know I can never type your name right...  :p Anyways awesome admin and the sexiest mexican around.

H-J- Love the rp antics on the shoutbox.

Wolf- Boy what a time we've had since we became gmods. You're good at your job and don't let anyone discourage you.

Vip- I've been here for all of your staff career here on MPL.. You were a great mod and I really think you should consider being GMOD again.. You're always nice to everyone and a cool guy.

Charizard- Dear god child just shut up..

Ether- You're one of the people I respect most here on MPL. You always do your thing and say to hell with what everyone thinks. I loved all of the different personas and all of the American Tale pics.

Here's some others I'll put a shout out to lol Daisy, Mattc, Maria, Chubbo, SZ, Kingboo, and anyone else who wants it lol

You're not very good at this. You got me all wrong.

*Tsk Tsk Tsk*

The only reason I didn't get on before is because, as you know, I grew out of Mario Party, and really didn't want to sit on a forum where I knew nobody, and had nothing to talk about...

But now, I realize something... I can post in the other boards. *Facepalm*

Also, I've been here about a week or two as an active member, and have met countless new people of which I enjoy talking too. My post count is slowly creeping up as well =P