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I'm starting over.

Give an opinion of me, and I'll give an opinion of you.

Opinions Already Taken

All the people above, you and I have already exchanged opinions, do not post, it WILL be deleted.


You're pretty new, so I don't know you that well, but you seem pretty cool right now, and you have good humour.
I really think you're an awesome member. You had a great username (8socc3r). You really seem to be a perfect person for GMod. Especially on my forums (called Super Moderators, not going to tell much about my forum since I don't want to break the rule of advertising). Hope you had a great Christmas, and guess what! This post is actually my X-mas present for you! A card! Thanks for Reading!

Westfield (Since I said this wasn't just an opinion and this was a card I want to make the ending like a card)


I am not ready to be a G-Mod, I am even more immature than Kirby. You seem all right to me, but, like I said to Wolf, scandals just aren't making you seem like that.

Snowy 1.1

You seem like a good person at heart, but, your disliking of most members here just doesn't go in my good books. This is 100% honest.