Here I'm going to be writing a story. In show form. As in it will go by episodes. Just for fun, and feel free to give feedback.
I'm not going to instantly post "Episode" after episode. It will take time to write.
But here is the plot sypnosis. And the first 5 episode titles.

Plot: When 5 friends witness the mayor of their town being murdered by a prestigious gang known as the "Reapers", they fear for their lives as they become the next target. But little do they  that there is more going in in their town than they originally thought. And more people may be involved. And as they start to realize things aren't what they seem, the must put together the pieces of the PUZZLE.
(Plot may change)

Episode 1: "Pilot"
Episode 2: "Whereabouts"
Episode 3: "Fight Or Flight"
Episode 4: "Foundation"
Episode 5: "Release"
(titles may change)
Tell me how you like the plot, and the names of the episodes. (I'm happy to tell you the reasoning for the titles.)
Give me feedback, tell me what's strong about the plot, and not so much.
Ep. 1 "Pilot"

Christopher Macknov(talking)
It was such a normal afternoon, everything seemed normal, well as normal as it gets in Andorran Falls. That's my hometown. My name is Christopher Macknov. Well at least it used to be. Anyways this is the story of how one place can hold so many secrets.

It was a windy humid day, Christopher, Emily, Brendan, Holly, and Nick were on their way back to their college campus . As they were about to turn right towards  their college , they heard faint screaming. Their instincts took over, as quickly as they could they ran toward the screaming. A flag hung on an abandoned office was blowing softly in the wind ,on it said REAPERS TERRITORY. The 5 friends didn't even acknowledge it. They rushed into the office. Through a broken window, they could see their mayor, tied up, the mayor saw them first, his eyebrows inched up, mouthing "help me". The kids eyes widened, a masked figure pulled out a .375 magnum. BANG! a shot went off, the mayor's head dropped. A drop of blood fell from his forehead. "This town is messed up, go dump his body in the docks." The masked figure said. The kids attempted to flee the office, Holly stepped on a nail "ahhh" she accidentally cried out. "WHO'S HERE, GET THEM!" 6 "Reapers" pulled out Desert eagles and chased towards them. about 13 bullets were fired. The friends hid behind a post office. An innocent bystander was hit, and killed. "Oh my god" Emily screamed. A reaper screamed "we'll find you, you rats, WE WILL FIND YOU!


They went back to a police station, the sheriff comforted them there. They told them that the gang killed the mayor. The sheriff's eyes widened. HE got up and whispered in a deputy's ear. the deputy responded. "No, not yet at least, they don't now enough to do that,  We are human"

*back at Reaper Base*

"We figured out something good sir." "Yes, I'm listening."

"Holly Friendsick, Emily Bethly, Christopher Macknov, Brendan Printon, Nick Barben."

"Good, find and kill anyone they love, and take them to me, Immediately."
"Yes sir."

*the reaper leaves with three others*

END OF EPISODE! (what did you think, to be honest i think it could be stronger but I was running out of time.)