Pushmo Review

*Just note this is my first review*

Everyone knows the 3DS had a bumpy start, including the eShop. The eShop didn't even had an actual 3DSware game besides Pokedex 3D for a few months, when Let's Golf 3D and Pyramids. Those games were good, but Pushmo is the greatest thing thing that happened to the eShop.

The objective here is to pull out blocks to get to the trapped kid stuck in the blocks. And this is more addictive than it sounds. When I say "I'll just do one," I end up doing five. It's controls are very easy to figure out, so much you don't even need the tutorials in the first few levels. The only bad thing about the gameplay is when you don't make a jump, and you have to reset. But they took care of that, with a handy rewind button.

The music in Pushmo is nothing exciting, and there's not much to say about it. But it's cheerful, and nice to listen to while you pull out blocks.

The graphics are colourful and cartoony, like you'd expect from Nintendo, with each set of levels having it's own pallet of colors that are really cheerful. The 3D effect is really nice, as you pullout blocks, it's coming out of the screen. I like to do, when almost completing a level, to press the 'R' button, to look at the blocks poped out in 3D. The characters are also cute, with everyone being round, from the children you rescue, to Mallo, the guy you control, to good 'ol Papa Blox.

There are three modes in the game. Pushmo Park, where the main game happens, Tutorials, where you learn tips from Papa Blox, and the Pushmo Studio.
The Pushmo Studio is a great tool that you can make your own levels with.It has 8 colors, all of witch can be changed, and other features you'll get later in the game. And the best part is, you can make your pushmos anything. It can be a Mario, Cat, Tree, or a random pile of blocks. You can even make a QR code of them, and share them. Sadly, it doesn't support Street or Spotpass, which would've been a great addition. However, you CAN save the QR code to the SD card, and use the Swapnote download to send it. It's possible.

Overall, this game is very nice, easy to play, challenging puzzles, Pushmo Studio, with features left out like Spotpass that would've been nice.

Score: 16/20
Price: 6.99

Also, a pushmo to try.