Portal 2

No Portal 2 topic?

Finished the game on Monday and I have since let me brother play and beat. I'm also working on coop with one of my friends. What a fantastic game. It had me hooked (just like the first one) from beginning to end. I suggest everyone go out and play it. And now for some spoilers...


That's awesome.​

I thought the game was going to end after you and wheatley make it to GLaDOS a second time. I didn't realize there were 4 more chapters after that. I loved everything from the potatos, to the new gels, and the ending was great too. Now I get why the ending achievement was named "Lunacy". :p
I'm gonna actually try Portal for real starting tomorrow and if I really like it I'll buy Portal 2 considering how much a lot of people like it.

In the meantime for people who don't have either Portal games but are interested in getting them there's a deal to get both for $55 on Steam right now, which is pretty much paying $5 for Portal and full price for Portal 2 instead of $10.
Amatatomba said:
Question: any reason to buy this on 360 instead of PS3? My boyfriend has both consoles, but I was going to get it for him on PS3 because I figured everything else would be the same besides graphics being slightly better on PS3.
PS3 gets the mod community of the PC/Mac, you can play with PC/Mac people, and you get a free copy of P2 on your PC/Mac with the PS3 version.
I got it for him today, but it was a whole ordeal.

First off, I fucking hate Kmarts. They're dirty, they're rundown, they never have anything. Its like a Wal-Mart to the 10th power and with fewer people in it. Also, there was a giant dead bird in the parking lot which was just weird.

Anyways, so I go in and ask the the lady back in electronics if they have Portal 2 because I didn't see it in the case. They don't. So I ask her to call and see if another store has it. Without even asking which store I want her to call, she calls some store and says they don't have it either. Which is ridiculous. Its not like this is some Black Friday deal & it just started yesterday so they should not be out of them already. From the way she explained it, they never had any in to begin with. She writes me a rain check but I just felt like getting the game today (I had time to kill) so I drive over to the Wal-Mart near my house (I figured she called a different one that was closer). They don't have it either. So I decide, Fuck Kmart, and just take an ad and go to Wal-Mart, who will price match.And they did, although it took a long time because they need a manager to ok it or something and the girl paged for one like 5 times and nobody came for a while.

But yeah...its definitely a good deal but I highly recommend going to Wal-Mart with the ad and getting it there instead of dealing with Kmart's bullshit.

Idk, around here they're all ghost towns. I know by my grandma's there's a fairly busy one but it honestly surprises the hell out of me that they haven't gone bankrupt.

But to keep this on topic...$25 off Portal 2 at Kmart (or Wal-Mart with a Kmart ad)! 360 or PS3 version. (I got the PS3 version)