Poor Philippines :(

Every year the Philippines gets hit hard by Typhoons claiming hundreds of lives. And this year seems to be the worst.

Last Month, Typhoon Ketsana came as a Tropical Storm producing heavy Flooding and claiming about 350 lives...A week later, Typhoon Parma came as a Strong Tropical Strom and became stationary over the Philippines 2 times! It claimed 350 to 400 lives.

A week or two later, Typhoon Lupit marched its way to the Philippines producting major threats but thankfully turned away at the last second.

Now Typhoon Mirinae is about to hit the Philippines as a Category 2 Typhoon. It's outer rainbands are already hitting and the thing is...most people don't know about this yet. There's currently another disturbance out in the open West Pacific that could be a future threat too.

Discuss about this sad thing. :(