Polar's Mini Reviews of Mario Party

Well this is a day late but let's start with my favorite.

Mario Party 3!

Mario Party 3 is easily the best game out of the entire series for me. It had the best boards, minigames and music. The boards all were nice to look at (even with it's paper theme) and they all had wonderful music to listen to. It also added a intresting mode which is known as Duel. Duel mode was very fun to play with a friend and it had me playing it for ages, the music wasn't too good though as it was the same for every Duel board. It had the best mnigames out of the whole series. The Story Mode was also a very good idea. Instead of just playing the boards for fun the player could now play Story Mode. You still had to play all of the boards but it was fun to watch the cutscences and get a rank at the end of each board.

Board Reviews (5 = I loved it, 4 = I liked it, 3 = It was okay, 2 = It was bad and 1 = It was horrible)

Chilly Waters 5/5
Deep Bloober Sea 5/5
Spiny Desert 5/5
Woody Woods 3/5
Creepy Cavern 4/5
Waluigi's Island 4/5

The Duel boards get no points because they would probaly get 3 out of 5 for all of them.

That is my review for Mario Party 3!
I have been too busy to do any of this but now I have enough time to do it :)

Mario Party 64!

The game that started it all, I love this Mario Party. The story for this game was good, not the best. This Mario Party also had the most boards out of any Mario Party (Not including Mario Party 3's Duel boards.) It was also nice how every character recieved a board, even though it doesn't matter. :p I thought that most of the boards were well made and designed and most of them weren't just "Find the star and then purchase it for 20 coins..." MP64 had some good minigames but it lacked 2vs2 (If you didn't know, it is much harder to get 2vs2 games in the original then the others.) I myself never had a problem with the rotating minigames but they were REALLY annoying to play.

Board Reviews

Mario's Rainbow Castle 3/5
Donkey Kong's Jungle Adventure 5/5
Peach's Birthday Cake 5/5
Yoshi's Tropical Island 5/5
Wario's Battle Cannon 3/5
Luigi's Engine Room 4/5
Bowser's Magma Mountain 3/5
Eternal Star 3/5

Thank you for reading!

The third best Mario Party game is...

Mario Party 4!

The first Mario Party ever launched to the Nintendo Gamecube and it prooved that Mario Party was still great. The story for the game was nice, but not as great as Mario Party 3's. The boards in the game had bland grey paths but it did have nice backgrounds. This is the first Mario Party to have live backgrounds that would actually move. The minigames were nicely done with only a few annoying minigames in each catagoery. This game had lots of bonus content which included two new boards with different objectives and a few minigames that could be played. The item system for this game wasn't the best, but they still had some good ones.

Board Reviews

Toad's Midway Madness 4/5
Koopa's Seeside Soiree 4/5
Goomba's Greedy Gala 3/5
Boo's Haunted Bash 4/5
Shy Guy's Jungle Jam 4/5
Bowser's Gnarly Party 5/5

The Bonus boards (Mega Board Mayhem & Mini Board Mad-Dash) would probaly recieve 3/5, I didn't include them as they aren't "true" boards.

Thank you for reading!