Pokemon Contests

Have you participated in one yet? Your thoughts on it? Compared to the past incarnation of this feature? Also, what about Lisia? You know, the Pokemon Contest pro in some way lol. This feature was first introduced in the original Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire and makes its return to the remakes!

So, right now, I'm making my Feebas the most beautiful pokemon yet. When I get Milotic, I'll be experiencing Contests. First time I'll take this feature seriously. :p
I've used DexNav'd Baltoys with Cosmic Power, Ancient Power, Secret Power, and Self-Destruct. I kept buffing the condition, then used Secret Power and Self-Destructed on the final round. Had to swap Secret Power for Charge Beam and Ancient Power for Psyshock when I faced Lisia.
So I tried the Master Contests with my Diancie and I managed to win all of them.

Here are the sets:
Diancie @ Diancite
Ability: Clear Body
- Stealth Rock
- Gyro Ball
- Double Team
- Hyper Beam

Diancie @ Diancite
Ability: Clear Body
- Diamond Storm
- Hail
- Heal Bell
- Explosion

Diancie @ Diancite
Ability: Clear Body
- Sharpen
- Facade
- Rest
- Sleep Talk

Diancie @ Diancite
Ability: Clear Body
- Calm Mind
- Secret Power
- Skill Swap
- Psych Up

Diancie @ Diancite
Ability: Clear Body
- Ancient Power
- Sandstorm
- Stone Edge
- Giga Impact