Pokédex iOS

Pokédex for all iOS systems have been announced, and only for Japan so far. It's like Pokédex 3D and Pokédex 3D Pro from the Nintendo 3DS, but on iOS systems.

Serebii said:
The official site has updated with a new announced; Pokédex for iOS. This app will go live in Japan on November 16th for all iOS platforms; iPhone and iPad following on from the Pokémon Tap App released last year. It starts off with just the Unova Pokémon but can be augmented with multiple packs for each generation; each being 500 Yen totally 2170 Yen for all the Pokémon. This Pokédex provides all the information for various Pokémon in the games, including AR Markers for Pokédex 3D Pro. All search features seen in Pokédex 3D Pro are in this game, with the added feature of being able to search for things by typing. Screenshots are being added to the Pokédex iOS page as we speak.
Pokédex iOS Screens

That's nice to see that they're bringing it over to the iOS systems, and hopefully it comes to Europe and North America. However, even if it does, I don't see myself getting this at all.


DJ Swangler said:
Vipsoccermaster said:
This is out internationally and will run you $1.99 for the Unova Pokémon. But to get the other regions, you'll have to pay an extra $5.99 for each. Still don't see myself getting this, as Pokédex 3D Pro is enough.
Why would someone pay $5.99? That's complete nonsense, I'd rather just look for info on the internet.
Exactly, and I don't see any additional features that this version has over Pokédex 3D Pro.