Playing Mario Party online has now been made much easier with new netplay builds

These improvements, along with the daily matches played on the Mario Party Netplay Discord (, makes finding players and setting up a game easier than ever. To detail the improvements made, these builds:

* Simplify setting up and starting matches by reducing the number of steps required to get everything set up for netplay
* Include minor alterations that speed up board movement, allow for increased taunting, and make the games run faster for weaker computers, so players don't have to wait as long to play
* Make netplay of non-MP games easier as well, with built-in saves for several of the N64 and GC's most popular multiplayer titles
* Also include official support for mods (either with codes or patches) to the games. These mods provide a great deal of customization options to players, from replacing unpopular minigames with fan favorites, to adjusting game mechanics such as MP7's Bowser Time, to having all of the players always walk in reverse on the board!

Here are just a few of the mods officially supported:

* Double Cherry Mode
(MP1-3), where two players can control two of the same character with one input,
* Costume Party Mode
(MP3) where players can use inputs to select any of the five costumes from Mario Party 2's boards, and even wear them during minigames
* Mario Party 5 Shops
(MP5), which replaces the random Capsule machines from Mario Party 5 with fully functional shops
* And more!

Again, here is the link to the Discord: To obtain the builds, follow the guides linked to in #rules-land. Once you are set up, you can ask for a game by pinging the appropriate role in #blue-board.