Pick a Toad, any Toad

Favorite Triplet?

  • Maxie (Blue)

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • Ruby (Red)

    Votes: 4 66.7%
  • Blaine (Yellow)

    Votes: 1 16.7%

  • Total voters

These are 3 Toad OCs I made, I'm doing a little personal count to see who's the people's favorite.

Blue is Maxie, he is a punk who loves to decorate himself in spikes and chains, and ride a motorcycle (which he calls Vestia). He acts like a douche most of the time, and picks on his older Brother. Despite this, he is a softie on the inside and quite sensitive, often crying about little things. However, he often hides his tears as he thinks it isn't cool to cry. Nicknames himself "The Mad Dog".

Red is Ruby, she's a shy, quiet girl who always speaks in a whisper and hides her face with long, ghostly shadow arms developed from magic. She is afraid of men after a traumatic experience caused by 3 rude and perverted older toads who abused her, her Brothers being the only exceptions to her fear as she loves and trusts them. She is the peacemaker between the two and stops their fights from getting ugly.

Yellow is Blaine, he is the oldest out of the 3 and is an extreme insect enthusiast. He collects bugs of all kinds, researches them, and treats each one as a loved pet, taking good care of all of them. His favorite bug is a Praying Mantis (pictured below) he nicknamed Socrates, which is often seen perched upon his shoulder or his cap when he isn't in his jar. Blaine fights with Maxie often, and it's rumored that he wears glasses not because of astigmatism, but because Maxie had caused an accident which damaged his eyes.

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