Personal Top Marvel's Something! -

So, after watching Avengers: Age of Ultron and seeing a couple of top lists of different subjects on Marvel related stuff, I wanted to do my own. Between the release of Age of Ultron and Ant-Man coming July 17th, I'll try to do many top 5 (or more) lists. Starting this week on monday. There are about 11 weeks before Ant-Man, I'll try to have as many lists, if possible. Remember that this is opinion based and that it is okay to have different opinions. :p

So far I have these in mind, in no particular order:
- Top 10 Marvel Heroes
- Top 5 Marvel Villains
- Top 5 Weapons
- Top 5 Movies

- Top 5 Marvel Movies
- Top 5 Marvel Weapons
- Top 10 Marvel Heroes