Personal Movie Reviews

I've been wanting to do this for a while now. I'm kind of a semi-big moviegoer and I just want to puts my thoughts on ''paper''. Perhaps, just to see what I thought about a certain movie when I first saw it, or when I saw it for the 10th time. This will be done randomly and whenever I feel like it. Most likely on weekends or when I have free time, like this next week it shouldn't be too much of a pain to review a couple of movies, idk. It's really when I want to review one and I actually have something to say about it. What I review depends on the type of movie. Like animated movies, indie movies and live-action movies could have certain specific criteria. I can't really review ''animation'' in let's say, Mad Max: Fury Road (which is a movie I intend to review soon), but I definitely would for Inside Out.

Every movie will be rated with a letter. Which means that it'll go something like this: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+ and so on until F. When it is an F, it's just like... terrible lmao. I don't think I need to explain every letter... it's not rocket science.

Movies Reviewed:
- The Martian (2015)
- Inside Out (2015)
- Jurassic World (2015)

TV series Reviewed:
- Marvel's Jessica Jones (Season 1, 2015)
I actually would love to use S now... but really mhm, I think A will do haha.

Before I really begin, keep in mind this is done in a recreational way and not professionally.

The Martian (2015)

To put it simply, The Martian, starring Matt Damon, is about a man stranded on Mars. When an incident occurs, he's left for dead and will have a to find a way to survive on a planet where nothing breathes.

Right from the start we're captivated by that outside world that is space. Such a fascinating and mysterious place. It's no secret that space has always fascinated humanity and it's so well represented in movies. Whether it's in a fantasy movie such as Guardian Of The Galaxy or Star Wars, whether it's done in a realistic way such as in Gravity or in this case, The Martian, space remains a perfect place to set an interesting story. Now let me talk about different aspects of the movie, starting with what we see right from the beginning of the movie, the effects. Obviously for today's standards, the effects are really important as they make the story more believable and catch the viewer's attention, at least in most cases. Though, there are limits and trying to overdo it might give the same impression as not doing enough. The Martian manages to find a good balance with the effects. The planet, Mars, is really believable, from the rocks to the sky to the desert. As a viewer, we truly feel like we're walking on our neighboring planet and it's kept like that for the whole length of the movie.

The story, even though it's not exactly something we have not seen before, is told so well. I mean, human beings stranded on a lost or abandoned place, we have seen that before right? It makes for great stories and whether it's on an island or Mars, depending on how you tell it, it could be good. Mark Watney (Matt Damon), definitely shows desperation and strength throughout his misadventure. Every action is smart. It's calculated, it's likely. It's not the type of story that was just based off of pure imagination. Every knowledge on space or at least most, were used to their advantage to make overall a really believable story. Mixing that with imagination and a great performance, you get an overall great product.

Speaking of performances, The Martian has a great team of actors. Starting with main protagonist, Matt Damon, he truly delivers. I still remember when he made the original Bourne trilogy and he played a badass, seeing him in something so different is always refreshing and it truly shows how versatile as an artist he is. He made his character relatable and we don't need to make any effort to feel attached to Mark Watney. He's funny, he's down to earth and makes what is a really bad situation be actually fun. I say fun, but really what he does is keep his head up and keep going, not giving up and trying to survive until it's really all lost. Other than Matt Damon we get his teammates played by Jessica Chastain (the commander), Kate Mara, Sebastian Stan, Michael Pena and Aksel Hennie. Truly, they all deliver great performances. They have great chemistry and it's an actually fun crew. With that, we have Chiwetel Ejiofor, the man behind the rescue, along with Donald Glover, Jeff Daniels, Sean Bean and some more. It's a great cast and every character add something to the story and keep the interest of the viewer alive.

Now, even though I have said this movie is awesome in general, there might still be some negative points. One of them is the length, though I don't really blame the movie. I sometimes found myself feeling like the movie was a bit too long. It's not really the worst thing truly and I still enjoyed every minute of it. For some other people, it might be a problem, perhaps, I'm not other people.

Overall, The Martian is a really great movie. It's beautiful to watch, fantastic effects and it truly knows how to captivate its audience. It has a great soundtrack reminding us of the 70's disco era, used wisely. It has great humor, great chill and remains really ''alive''. With great actors that make the whole thing even greater, it's truly hard to really dislike the movie. The movie stayed true to itself, it didn't try way too hard to be exceptional and it managed, afterall, to be. I felt emotion, I laughed and I actually almost cried at some parts...
With was one hell of a space ride.

So for all of that I give this movie: A
Inside Out (2015)

Whether you're just a kid who's learning to speak well or an adult in your 40s, Inside Out definitely has something to offer for everyone. Since it's an animated movie, it might receive that ''it's a kids' movie'' comment, but trust me, it is way more than that.

As the movie starts, we meet Riley, as a baby. With her, we meet her emotions. First comes Joy, who's in charge of her happiness. Then we have Sadness, I don't think I have to explain what Sadness is. Same for the rest of the crew, there's Anger, Disgust and finally, Fear. All of them work together in the Headquarters. As we see Riley growing in the first minutes of the movie, we see how these personifications of her emotion do. Along with that, the ''islands'' which are projections of Riley's core memories show different aspects of her personality. With that said, each one of the emotions is really likable and as a viewer easily fall under their charm.

The story is really well thought of. Like I said earlier, this movie has something for everyone and the story itself might be more complex for a child to understand. It goes really deep, and when I say deep, it is deep. Did I say it enough? I mean, it's an animated movie, but they go beyond that. Some cheerful moments make up for some of the darker aspects of the movie. A child will enjoy the animation, the personality traits of each emotion, but an adult will most definitely find enjoyment in the story the movie offers. It's one hell of a ride, or should I say, a wonderful ride? It's both, end of that.

In the animation department, it's Pixar, need I say more? The movie is beautifully presented, from the first minute till the last one. Each facial expression, each character gesture, each single movement in the movie is really believable. With great voice performances, it's all well complimented. The landscapes are wonderfully executed and they really bring San Francisco to life. When we see part of the road trips, when Riley's family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco, we also see a couple of great scenery. It just really makes you want to travel and see some of those landscapes, really. On your first watch, it might not be a detail you notice, but as you see it more often, you just cannot not appreciate the great work of animation. When they want to show something beautiful, whether it is love, or when they want to show something scary, like a haunted house, it's just all really enjoyable to watch. It's done in a funny, great way and we can see the people behind all of it put their hearts into it. Truly, props for the animation, more precisely, the 3D animation.

The movie is captivating, lovely and amazing to look at. With an amazing story that will most likely make you cry, whether it's manly tears or you just let yourself go, it's awesome. The characters are extremely likable, I can't tell a moment I did not like Anger or Disgust, probably two of my favorite characters in the movie. They are funny, just simple like that. Complimented with great voice performances and great animation, there isn't much to dislike in this movie. Plus, if it isn't enough for you, there's also the short film: Riley's First Date, which is just a great way to end it all.

Emotional, funny, gorgeous is what this movie is, with that, I give it a well deserved: A+

Jurassic World (2015)

This type of movie never really seems to get old, whether it ends up being successful or not. A little more than 20 years ago, the public was wowed with one of the greatest dinosaur movies in history. Its success is what resulted in now 3 sequels, one of which people prefer not to talk about... that's... them.

Jurassic World is the fourth installment, released 14 years after the 3rd one. After 14 years, it was about time for fans of the series to get a new movie, and was the wait worth it? I think it was. It probably wasn't as unique and spectacular as the first movie when it came out 13 years ago, but it was still one great experience. People that go see these type of movies should know what to expect. Basically a monster or some creature that just wants to kill, well, you guessed it, humans. In this case, the newly created Indominus Rex, a hybrid dinosaur, goes on a rampage. Escaping from where it was held, it is going to just kill anything it encounters on its way to the main part of park. It wants to find its place on the food chain, or actually, see how strong it can be. In order to stop it from killing the other dinosaurs and people, the park team will have to do anything to save Jurassic World.

The movie introduces a bunch of new dinosaurs never seen before in the franchise, most noticeably the Mosasaurus. We also get to see some familiar faces, such as the raptors and the amazing comeback Rexy, a T-Rex for those that don't know. While I'm at it, I'll just talk about the special effects now. Big movies like these are known to have some amazing effects and Jurassic World really does this well. There are some really memorable moments when it comes to special effects. In fact, just seeing dinosaurs come alive is one amazing thing. The Indominus Rex looks really well done, really believable. The CGI amplifies its talents in the movies, such as camouflage, and it actually looks frightening. Just thinking about it kinda gives me goosebumps. I wouldn't want to encounter that dinosaur, for sure. The mix of practical effects and CGI here works really good. Just like in the first movie. Even though the effects are amazing in the movie, sometimes it might distract just a little. Being way too overdone may be a bit too much for some people.

Now I kinda wanna speak about the acting. Let's start with Chris Pratt... he's just really charming, truly. Easily the best of the bunch of actors. Yeah, I won't deny the fact that he's a really handsome dude, but really, he did a good job in this movie for the most parts. His performance might not be as strong as the one from Guardians of the Galaxy, but still can't say it was bad. Bryce Dallas Howard also did a good job. Her performance was good, though sometimes her interactions kinda seemed a little awkward, then again it might be her character. Still doesn't excuse the fact that it was awkward. The chemistry between her and Chris Pratt was okay, might need just a little more work perhaps. The overall product is still quite enjoyable. The younger actors were cool. Ty Simpkins, whom I remember from Iron Man 3, was adorable. Nick Robinson's performance as a big brother was also convincing enough, making me wish I had a big brother like him. With that said, some of the other performances could have needed some kind of boost to make it all more plausible.

Finally, the story kinda retakes what was already seen and just transforms it into something more intense. Like I said earlier, some monster goes on a rampage killing animals and humans for pleasure. It sounds stupid said this way, but what makes it actually enjoyable are all the toppings (special effects, action sequences, some performances and the suspense). Besides that, there's also the family matters that were unnecessary, but I can see why they wanted to add something more to the movie. Having a movie that was just, ''dinosaur eats for sports'' could get way too long and boring fast. They tried to do more, didn't work quite well, but it's there and it doesn't take away too much from the movie. The whole exploring the ruins from the old park and going around in the attractions actually make up for it.

With amazing and really well done CGI effects mixed up with practical effects, some great performances, dinosaurs and nostalgia, the movie was indeed going to be a huge success. It made a whole lots of money and that's justifiable. It might not be the best one in the series, but surely a close second in my honest opinion. The movie contains some of the most amazing action sequences I have seen this year and on top of that, some little emotional moments. I will never forget Blue and her raptor squad, that's for sure.

For all of those reasons, that's why I give the movie a solid: B

Marvel's Jessica Jones (2015)

Yes, it might not be a movie, but I can still review TV series or in this case, a Netflix original series. Marvel's Jessica Jones is the second Marvel Netflix original series in a run of four original series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist). The series connects with the big Marvel Cinematic Universe seen in the movies plus the TV series (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter), even though these are rarely mentioned. It all happens in the same world and that's one crazy thing when we think about it. I'll explain that later in the review. Jessica Jones came out this last friday, November 20th and watching all 13 episodes sure was worth it. So be aware that this review could contain some possible SPOILERS!!

Characters & Acting:
So after watching Daredevil last spring and knowing more Netflix original series were coming, I just couldn't wait. Right from the start, we're thrown into Jessica's world and we can see it's not well balanced. She has a whole lot of problems, she is one troubled woman with real human problems. Right from the start we also understand that about a year ago, she had problems with the main villain, Kilgrave (Purple Man, portrayed by amazing actor David Tennant). After all the problems she had and after his ''death'', she stopped being a ''hero'' and started focusing on her Private Investigator job. Escaping from her problems. Her relationships with the outside world aren't going well either. She hasn't contacted her bestfriend, Trish, or she doesn't really go along well with her neighbors and so on. She prefers being ''alone''. With all that said, her life will change once more when a first case appears. A young girl named Hope was taken and disappeared. Her parents will hire Jessica Jones to find her, what she doesn't know is that this case will lead her directly to her biggest nightmare. From there, a lot of things will have to change and Jessica Jones will have to face reality, she will have to face Kilgrave.

The series introduces a bunch of new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Kilgrave might be some of the most memorable ones. It will also make direct references to some movies, such as the first Avengers movie and of course Marvel's Daredevil.

Now I really want to speak about Kilgrave, the main villain of this first season. I just want to say, he might be one of the most amazing villains ever seen in a Marvel movie/series or even in any superhero flick. Kilgrave isn't the type of guy who wants to rule the world, take over everything around and give superheros a bad time. No, instead, he wants Jessica and to do that he will do some of the most creepy stuff without even trying to be creepy. It's done in such a natural flow and we can see the Purple Man is just like that. He might be really troubled due to his rough childhood, but it is not an excuse for some of the actions he does, or well... most actions. He can control people's mind and actions by just saying it. When he does it, it just comes out naturally from his mouth and that's one of the scary things. He simply doesn't care. His obsession for Jessica Jones drives him crazy. He's disgusting in a good way, creepy, and yet to top it all, he is a handsome man. That might make some people believe he's a nice guy. Once he controls your mind, there's nothing you can really do. He can turn the strongest person into a slave. It's simply crazy and David's portrayal is outstanding.

Most of the characters are really well portrayed. Whether it's Jessica Jones, Kilgrave, a simple neighbor or a police officer. It's easy to fall in love with them, truly. Right from the first episode, I fell in love with Jessica Jones and that's knowing she has a lot of bad habits. I fell in love with Kilgrave. Surprisingly, one of Jessica Jones' neighbor is one of the most likable characters in the series, I'm speaking here of Malcolm. He might try to protect Jessica from some of her actions, he wants to do what he believes is good and all of that makes him one amazing character. Jessica Jones' bestfriend, Trish, is a lovely woman. She also makes you wish you had a great friendship. Even though it's not apparent in the first episodes, once it all develops, you just can't deny that the unusual friendship between both woman is beautiful, amazing and driven by one single thing, love.

Story & Content
I already spoke a little about the story and I do not want to give way too much details. Kilgrave is obsessed with Jessica Jones, he wants her back and he will do some really crazy stuff to accomplish that. Jessica Jones will try to make him change. Kilgrave will try to please Jessica Jones, but let's say it's not done in the best of ways.

Now, Marvel's Jessica Jones tone is different from the movies and it's not the first time we see that. It shows another side of the world that isn't seen in the movies. The movies are action packed, more joyful and funnier. Marvel's Jessica Jones will show some darker aspects of the contemporary society. Its tone is dark and way more dramatic. It still keeps the action touch, that's for sure. Some subjects that are spoken of are rape, abortion, homosexuality, drugs, violence, sex and so on. So, having a close mind might not be suitable to watch this series. I must admit that the amount of sex scenes might be a bit too much at the start, but once you get going and move further into the episodes, they're easily forgotten. Are they necessary? Not exactly, but like I said, if you're easily offended, then just skip, but the whole experience is amazing.

The simple fact that Marvel's Jessica Jones will talk about things we'd rather just not mention, is an amazing move. It has a fantastic side, but the more realistic side makes it one of the greatest Marvel series yet. It is rich in content, probably the darkest thing seen by Marvel. If you thought Daredevil was dark, then get ready for Jessica Jones.

The whole setting happens in New York, more precisely ''Hell's Kitchen''. The same place Marvel's Daredevil was set, so it is familiar (well, if you've seen past series, or read books). Once again, we really feel the type of life going on in Hell's Kitchen and the presentation is done really well. There might actually be a devil living there, it is scary.

The effects are good too. A lot of TV series don't have some of the most outstanding effects, but Marvel's Jessica Jones does a good job at that. It's believable and it's great to look at. Obviously, it is a more realistic approach. Though, with that said, the city is truly alive.

The music composed for Jessica Jones. I still have that intro theme playing in my head. Showing great ''street'' art, it all fits so well together. The sound is amazing. Put on some nice speakers, or great earbuds and you're set. Truly, it was done to be easily enjoyable and it just works perfectly.

General & Conclusion
So with all of that said, I can't exactly review each episode, that would be crazy. Marvel's Jessica Jones is probably one of Marvel Entertainment's best product out there. They're doing an amazing job with the Netflix originals and they don't disappoint at all. They haven't yet. Plus, the existing connections make you want to see more or go back and watch again. On the last episode we see a familiar face from Marvel's Daredevil, which to me, just makes me want to re-watch Daredevil again. It also set ups for the future, The Defenders. Truly can't wait for Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

With an amazing setting and an interesting story, Jessica Jones won't be easily forgotten in the next few years. Its darker and more dramatic tone make it stand out from the bunch of superhero series. The content is great in general, it might be more risky, but it really works well. It has some good action and some good fighting scenes. With great characters and one of the most amazing villain in Marvel Entertainment's history, you're sure to think about it for a great while. Great acting, great action, good story with amazing content, it makes it one likable ride.
For all of that, I give Marvel's Jessica Jones a solid and well deserved: A+

Up next: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

The finale a lot of fans were waiting for. Mockingjay Part 2 is what follows after well... the events of Mockingjay Part 1. The Hunger Games is a series that started really strong and awesome, though, does the last movie really follow that trend? It's hard to say.

After all of the events taking part in the previous movie, in Mockingjay Part 2, Catniss has to find a way to make it all end once and for all. The rebels will continue their battle against the Capitol and try to finally take over. It's the final battle and to reach President Snow, they will have to go through a bunch of traps set by the government. The visuals are amazing. It is truly a thrill to go through all of these traps and see how the team tries to survive. It might actually keep you sweating hoping your favorite character doesn't die and that's just one of the great things of the movie. It actually knows how to create suspense.

The actors like in previous movies are really good. Jennifer Lawrence delivers a great performance overall, though after 3 movies, it's nothing totally new. She brings her character to a great level, it's nice to see. Some of the other actors also bring something great for the audience. With some new additions, the movie is flooded with great characters. You actually care about them, or at least for most of them. I do not want to give my total opinion on this matter as it might give too many spoilers. Let's just say some of your favorite characters might die and it's actually sad. Like you were rooting for them, but this is how it goes. Some of my favorite performances come from Sam Claflin as Finnick, Natalie Dormer as Cressida and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta.

Even though the movie has overall great effects and an awesome cast, the story felt way too predictable. It might be the weakest point of the movie. I'm conscious there are books, but if I am totally honest, I have never read any of the books. Naturally, I should expect anything, be surprised, but none of this happened while watching the movie. I sat there, without any knowledge on the books, I already knew how it was all gonna end. The twists the movie might have were way too predictable and that kind of cut my enjoyment overall.

It's an alright ending to the series and fans will most likely rejoice watching it! There's no doubt they will enjoy it for most part. Though for some other people, it might be harder to really enjoy it all. Some parts might feel too long in length, making you wish things would move faster and directly to the obvious goal. So for all of that, I give this movie a:


I know this is a shorter review, but it's been a while since I watched it. I had it started, just had to complete it. Wanted to make some time for Star Wars!