Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door review

The sequel to Paper Mario for the N64. The 2nd installment of the Paper Mario series. My favorite one of the series and one of the best video games I've ever played. Let's begin.

Also I found another cover which I find looks better than the other one :p EDIT: Oh whoops, didn't know this was art made by someone else. I thought Nintendo made this one for other countries :p

Story 8/10
As usual, Peach gets kidnapped. However this time, it wasn't Bowser. It was a group of "X-Nauts" and their leader Grodus. They wanted her for the magical map she had and they needed her soul. They need the 7 Crystal stars to revive the demon in the Thousand Year Door. Mario with the help of his allies must collect the 7 Crystal stars before the X-Nauts and Grodus do. Peach getting kidnapped is getting quite old, but I find that someone else kidnapping Princess Peach(and isn't Bowser's rival or anything like that) and the Thousand Year Door made up for it and makes it interesting.

Controls 9/10
The controls here aren't confusing nor placed randomly, so that's a good thing. However, sometimes the controls can get a bit wacky, like a few times, I pressed the B button and it did a normal guard and I pressed A and it did a superguard :p. Other than that, it was fine.

Graphics 10/10
Graphics here are pretty to look it. I liked that Mario can transform into different types of forms to get through obstacles, such as getting to hidden areas or going through thin gaps.

Music 10/10
I found the music amazing. Hearing music from the old Mario games(like Super Mario World) was great and the boss battle music really rocks. I could listen to Rawk Hawk's battle music all the time.

Gameplay 10/10
Battle system is similar like the 1st Paper Mario, only with an audience and an extra way of defending: Super Guarding. When you battle enemies, an audience is there. The audience will fill up your star power, sometimes give you items or sometimes even try to hurt you or your ally. Doing the action commands sucessfully will earn you star power and of course, doing more damage to your enemy(ies). Being stylish while doing an attack will earn you even more star power. If an enemy is going to attack you, you can Guard or Super guard. Guard basically decreases the damage you take by 1 and will always prevent status problems if timed properly. A super guard prevents you from taking damage and does 1 damage to your enemy(assuming your enemy is attacking you directly). Of course, knowing that the Super guard is better than a regular guard, the super guard is harder to time. As you get Crystal stars, you will learn more special abilities which will consume your star power. These specials will give you and your partner stat boosts, or simply harm your enemies. Mario and his allies can earn new abilities. Mario's partners can be upgraded with shine sprites, costing 3 shine sprites per partner to upgrade. You can upgrade them twice, but not until after chapter 5. Until then though, you can only upgrade them once. There are 42 shine sprites in the game total. Mario has 7 partners(1 of them is optional). Also, upgrading your partner will heal their HP and increase their max HP(the amount increased depends on who you're upgrading). Mario get can new abilities by simply equipping badges and as you progress through the game, you can get jump and hammer upgraded by getting the super boots, super hammer and so on(of course you need these upgrades to get through the game :p).

Replay Value 10/10
I could keep playing this game for a while. I still do. I always try to improve my strategy and skills whenever I replay this game. You should do the same as well.

Overall 57/60 or 9.5/10
I highly recommend this game for anyone who isn't sure on getting it. Sure it may be old, but it's still fun!