Paper Mario Review

ok im making a review on paper mario for the nintendo 64 which is an addictive game in my opinion. So heres my review of the game.

1st) The game it self.
the game is pretty good for its time and also on the Wii VC, this game has a lot of features like badges,power abilities & more this game even has good.... well everything. so it deserves 10/10in my opinion.

2nd) Graphics.
The graphics in the game are pretty good for an N64 game and it looks even sharper on Wii VC so the graphics are pretty good. so a respective 9/10 sounds pretty good.

3rd) Gameplay.
Gameplay is pretty good you got many things to do like side quests, collect star pieces, and just plain roam around and have fun talking to people also the partners each have there own ability to attack which is pretty cool and you can level them up as you progress through the game' all in all its got good gameplay. so i give it 10/10

4th) Music.
The music is awesome but in some areas of the game you just cant stop listening to it cuz its that good but in other areas you just want it to stop. so music i think i'll give it an 8/10 cuz the music is still good.

5th) Controls.
The controls are pretty easy to learn and are easy to master once you get the hang of it and the controls are also pretty basic you got the (A) button to jump and when u get the ultra boots u can double jump by pressing (A) 2 times, and you use the ○ to move around so its a pretty easy joystic well if its on vc and you have a Classic Controller/Controller Pro but other wise the controls are pretty easy. so wat do i give them well for the N64 version its a 7/10 cuz of the hard joystick but the wii version i give it a 9/10 cuz of the more smoother controls & joysticks.

6th) Final Stand Point
Well What i think the games final stand point is really good and is a must have for anyone who enjoy's rpgs or just loves mario either way you'll like this game.

7th) Rating.
What rating do i give this game
its got good graphics for its time , its also got good gameplay and its just flat out fun but in every great game there are flews like controls or the music all in all i give it a 8/10 cuz in my opinion this game fun and addictive to play, so if you want to play a good rpg and your a mario fan i suggest paper mario cuz it exciting and just (flat XD) out awesome, but if your just a mario fan and want something to play paper mario is ur game.