Opinions on Plots in the Original Series

That can range from how persistent Wily is to the idiocy of the covering storylines.

I'll just list the games I've played in full, so not MM8-10:

MM: No storyline really in-game, but the thing about having Mega Man unconverted but Cut Man thru Elec Man converted = ......
MM3: Apparently Wily 'works' with Light re activating Sigma, but not mentioned in-game so I assumed Wily was evil. :p The end of game 'demise' was kinda funny (not that Proto Man ever knew :p) - oh, and Proto Man = =).
MM4: Cossack didn't appear as much of a threat. :p Wily's blackmail is just... base.
MM5: the Mega Shows thought Proto Man was evil b.c. of this game. TBH I can't see why Proto Man would build robots to do his bidding :p
MM6: Mr X = how boring. Worst cover identity ever. :p The tournament also sucked. :p
MM7: Don't know why there aren't robot proof jails. :p Bass's appearance was half confusing, but the 'betrayal' was well played. Ending was classic.
Snowy620 said:
12socc3r45 said:
My opinions: It's a Mega Man game, who cares about the plot. So long as you can shoot stuff with an arm cannon, everything's good.
Why are you so stupid

All of these storylines are dense anyways.

So who cares