Nintendofan10039's Rayman Origins(Wii) review

Hello and welcome to my very first review of a game(not counting my new nintendo new from Regina video).  I love platforming games, for the skill required, and in this case Rayman Origins is no different.  The amount of skill needed to pass some of the levels in this game is extreme, and will most likely having you swear at your tv set(unless you are playing with people that don't like when you swear).  I really like how the multiplayer works in this game.  It is almost reminiscent of that of Super Mario Bros Wii.  The multiplayer can screw you up sometimes, but I find it to be a lot of fun playing with other people.  The lack of online play is a bit of a disappointment, but this is not a huge deal for me, since I have a dad and a younger sister who love to play games with me.  The art style used in this game is fantastic, although does not look as great as that on the other systems(that I have played it on).  It has a whole array of levels, from that of frantic running, and trying to keep up with a treasure chest, to that of a side scrolling shooter(like galaga).  Did I mention the price point of the game?  It costs only 30 dollars compared with that of New Super Mario Bros Wii at 60 dollars(or even higher).  This game has an extensive amount of content(in the amount of unlockable costumes, levels, and other cool stuff), and is way better than any Rayman Raving Rabids game that I have ever played.  Did I mention that this game is even coming out for the Nintendo 3DS, so no matter what system you have you can get Rayman Origins.  I give this game a 8.5 out of 10.  So what are you waiting for?  Go buy this game now, unless you don't like the characters, or platforming games.