Nintendo 3DS

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Looks like Nintendo officially announces the DS Successor temporarly named, 3DS.

According to this, it will be launced during the fiscal year that ends in March 31st of 2011, but it can be released anytime between April 2010 to March 2011 since the specific date is unknown.

The fiscal year starts April 1st 2010 and ends March 31st 2011 for those who don't know. Some people are saying that Nintendo is shooting for a Holiday season release.

I found this Japanese website about the 3D technology.

Translation of first passage: Show a different picture of the special right and left "parallax barrier" by the naked remains of great force can enjoy a 3D stereoscopic display.
Seg LISMO Video and photographs movies, games, variety appears before your eyes is a three-dimensional content.

Hope this is useful.  :-[
kinetic563 said:
When I see 3DS...I think of the 3 DS's that have been produced already...Original DS, DS Lite and DSi(not counting the DSi XL).

I sure hope Nintendo changes the name...and I sure hope to God that it won't be a big failure like the Virtual Boy. Yeah, you guys all know how that thing sucked!

Still...I wonder if I'm going to actually get this...doesn't seem appealing to me...
Guess I gotta wait for more info to be released...(blah)
Same here. The 3DS sounds like a buttload of crap.
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