NFan's thought bubble

So I just finished an online session of Mario Party 7 with brady23, and lets say the end result was... amazing. (I am Luigi, brady is Yoshi)

It really bugs me that Nintendo didn't really do anything at all with the Wii U's GCN Controller adapter. As of now, the only game you can use it for is Smash 4. Why not add compatibility for other games, like 3D World? Why did they choose to make it not compatible in Wii Mode with Virtual Console and Wii games? They missed a huge opportunity here to make the Wii U so much more... "playable" for me. The GCN Controller, is in my opinion, one of the best controllers ever made. So why under use it and make it so that you can only use it for one game?
So in the past two days I've had two online matches of Mario Party 3 with a good friend of mine, brady23.

One match was insanely close, and the other was basically a curbstomp victory. :p

I took screens of the final results for both games. The close one I took screens of all the statistics, but for the curbstomp one I only screenshoted the first page.


So here's the first page. As you can see DK and I tied for minigame. When I saw that there was a tie for minigame and I was in the tie, my jaw dropped. Because to be honest, I did bad early on, but later in the game I started doing decent, but I didn't know I caught up that much. It was amazing that two pairs of people ended up with the same amount of coins won in minigames, I think this is one of the first occurrences of that actually. The first one that's being shown to the internet, at least. Coin was also very close, I got a ton of coins early on but I don't remember exactly how - I think it was a battle game? And then Yoshi aka brady got a ton of coins via Boo, and beat me, so... Yeah. There's also the fact that I won by 3 coins, so woo. At least it's not 1 coin? Losing by 1 coin has to suck.

Second page. Brady got a ton of happening spaces and I didn't even think he had it - I thought it was Wario. I guess I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention there. It must've been from that giant fish in the top left corner where there's like 9 happening spaces in a row.

Third page. Nothing particularly important here, but don't you think 4 battle games in one match is kind of a lot? And DK got a lot of item spaces, so there's that.

And here's the game guy spaces. That one space that I landed on actually helped me a bit - I did kind of get the easy one with the two chomps. It wasn't enough to surpass 100, however. :p


So this game has a funny story behind it. I started out very good - I bought a star, then a hidden block with a star in it. After that however, brady got this commanding lead. This was because he got game guy lucky 7 tenfold when he had 22 coins, so he got 220 coins. He used that to get 4 stars and he still had a ton of coins(about 100). However I got the opportunity to go to chance time and I knew if something wasn't done about this lead he was going to win. So I went and landed on the chance time space. Luckily I know that 3's chance time can be timed, at least for the first one. The first one that gets chosen is the prize. I memorized the pattern and managed to get all stars. Then it did giving away. I didn't want to give away two stars so when I knew that my icon(Luigi) passed I hit the button. By some miraculous luck it got Yoshi. And of course the last one was receiving. I waited a bit, hit the button, and somehow I got myself. So I got 4 stars in one turn, and later on I bought another star. No one else was even close to me so I was basically the confirmed winner at that point regardless of bonus stars. It's mostly the reason why I'm not mad Waluigi beat me by like 3 coins for minigame star, and I knew the last minigame decided it. Although even after that chance time brady still did pretty well, as you can see he got 3 stars after that chance time bs I pulled on him. :p

So yeah.