NFan's Streams

So, I've decided I wanted to start streaming things on twitch. You can find my channel here.

Today, I'll be streaming some Super Mario World Kaizo Hacks at about 2:40 HST.(Find the current time in HST here.) So, if you tune in, you guys get to see me torture myself with some hard ass levels  :)

Some future streams that I'll just confirm now:
Mario Party 3 Online Sessions
More Mario World Hacks
The Escapists (A steam game)
Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition
Mother 3
Corruption of NES, GB/C/A, and Mega Drive/Genesis games

And some things I may do:
Five Nights at Wario's 1 Speedrun
Doom II Online Sessions

Feel free to ask anything about what may happen on the future here.