New for U and 3DS?

Hey guys. Today, I am here with an interesting concept. Before I get to into things, please take a look at this:

-Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World - A mix between a 2D Platformer in a 3D World
-Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8 - The 7th and 8th Mario Karts. Don't feature anything EXTRAVAGANTLY new.
-Mario Tennis Open - Part of the Mario Tennis series. Nothing new.
-NSMB2 and NSMBU - Follow up of NSMB and NSMBW
-Paper Mario Sticker Star - Follow up of Paper Mario series
-Game and Wario - Newest Mario-themed game out there
-Luigi Mansion Dark Moon - Sequel to Luigi Mansion.
-DKCR3D and Tropical Freeze - Follow up of DKCR for the Wii... once again, nothing new
-MP:Island Tour - Nothing completely new

And it continues... why isnt Nintendo making any new Mario-themed games? A brand new Mario franchise? I guess the 3D Land kind of is new... but it seems like everything they do now are sequels and such.

So, your opinion: What is a brand new Mario-franchise you would like to see? I will be commenting on my thoughts later.
Snowy said:
Justin said:
Popular series = more money

It's not hard to figure out.
Seriously. Slap Mario's name on anything and it sells.

These exactly. BUT, doesn't it also get repetitive to slap Mario on the same things? I mean, look at Luigi Mansion Dark Moon... it was the second in the series, and the first was 2001. Why not a Sunshine 2, Double Dash 2, or even a Super Mario RPG 2?

For new games... a different RPG concept would be nice, and maybe a new sport franchise, like making a game specifically on football or something.
Snowy said:
Justin said:
You know what this guy is right, I want a Mario Rugby game dangit.
Can we also get a Mario Curling?
MSOWG Vancouver has it. Natch.

Mario fans I've thought tend to gravitate towards same old mechanics particularly with the main platformers (which I'll also include Galaxy and 3DL/W series under since they are more linear than the other 3D games). Spinoffs are where much of the innovation is, but in the case of MK DD was more of an experiment in two racer mechanics I feel, it not being reused probably suggests that it wouldn't transition nicely. LMDM I think was more for Luigi anniversary though they still innovated for it.

To be fair the only real genres the Mario series really hasn't entered are shooters, RTS and sandbox. I don't see those working too well at a semi-casual to non-casual game.
Snowy said:
Are you complaining about Luigi's Mansion being made? I've waited to F***ing long for another one and they actually made it. Paper Mario is the sequel to Mario RPG.

Nononono... I loved Dark Moon, my point is that they SHOULD be bringing back older series like Luigi Mansion and Sunshine! And by a sequal to Mario RPG, I mean a direct sequel featuring Geno, Mallow and the Axem Rangers.

Also, yes I would also love a curling game xD
Justin said:
Pretty sure Square-Enix owns the rights to all of the Super Mario RPG characters.

Yoshihiko Maekawa talked about Geno/Mallow reappearing in a Mario game before Dream Team came out:

“In this game, in Dream Team, we were able to bring back some characters from the first game in the Mario & Luigi series, that had appeared in the Beanbean Kingdom. These characters tend to be sort of minor characters that show up in less important areas, but they do have a few lines, and so you get to learn a little bit about what they’re up to now.

I was wondering if that might be some way to approach using Geno and Mallow in a future game, so that we’d still be able to look for fun new ideas like Mr. Ohtani was talking about. We wouldn’t get bogged down, but we could still provide a view of these characters for fans who really want to see one.”
- Yoshihiko Maekawa

Its pretty clear that if they wanted to use the characters they could. Square Enix and Nintendo have a really good relationship anyhow so regardless of who has the rights I would assume the usage would be allowed if not encouraged.