My usernames

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~Past Usernames~
N64 Thwomp: My First username, based off of the old thwomps.
Sushi Boy: My nickname, it's based off of the character from Bust a Groove 2.
Michael Doi: Based off of the character from Bust a Groove 2, he's Kitty-N's dance instructor.
Frida: For Memorial Day, my favorite girl dancer on the first Bust a Groove.
Dodger: For Summer, Based off of my favorite character from Oliver and Company.
Wolf: For Mario Party Legacy, I changed it around July 26nd. Based off the leader of StarWolf.
Pumpkin: For October, my OC Juggles Pumpkin.
Grasshopper: For November, one of my favorite cars on Twisted Metal 2.
Christmas Kirby: For December, I love Kirby and it's Christmas time.
Lakilester: New Years, so I changed my name to my favorite partner from Paper Mario
Miyuki: For first day of February, my favorite girl from Lucky Star.
Columbo: For February, My 2nd favorite character from Bust a Groove.
Jessie: For March, one of my favs in the Toy Story series.
Pikachu: Couldn't think of anything and needed something for April, so I used this popular badass Pokemon.
Simisage: My attempt at making a name I'll keep for a while, based on my favorite Pokemon on B/W.
Sunflora: For Summer, Sunflora fits perfectly for this. (might alternate between this and Simisage :p)

~Current Username~
SpiderStaryu - My universal name for all sites! My final name change.

Sushi Boy (for old time MPL users :p)
Wolf (for old time MPL users :p)

Not open for further replies.