My Top 10 Donkey Kong 64 Music

I just did this since I was bored. It really brings me back so much good memories, probably one of my all time favorite games.
So it goes like this:

10. So my song number 10 is this one, from the Frantic Factory. I still remember when I would do the DK arcade. It was so hard at first. Also that race of Tiny Kong was so enjoyable. I still wish I could play it... :(
Donkey Kong 64 - Frantic Factory

9. Oh this one still creeps me out. It was one of my favorite places, it was so scary when I was little kid. Great Castle and it had great levels such as the mine cart one.
Donkey Kong 64 - Castle Melody

8. This one has a beautiful melody. I still remember when I would try to throw bombs at the fairies. xD It was cool, also when I found all berries and saw that BIG BANANA!!!
Donkey Kong 64 - Banana Fairy Island

7. This one couldn't miss my top 10. It's such a fantistic music. It also brings back memories from any DK. Also, those stupid beavers! :p It was a cool level from DK64. It's such a happy music.
Donkey Kong 64 Music - Jungle Japes

6. Ah this song. It has a nice melody. It's relaxing, nice and what else do you need! Oh, also each time that rocks would fall, I would always get underwater. I remember I did everything until I found that Tiny Kong had to kill that guy that would make the rocks fall. It's such a cute music. :3
Donkey Kong 64 Music - Crystal Caves

5. The fifth music. It's from the Demon Resident Mine Cart! Those tomb would still freak me out. And going backwards was so cool. It was my favorite mine cart even if they were all cool and nostalgic!
Donkey Kong 64 - Demon Resident Mine Cart

4. Mwahahahahaha! My favorite boss of the game with my favorite member of the Kong family: Tiny Kong! It was such a great battle, and the way it ends is so cool. I had trouble going from a tower to another the first time, but after I did well. Fun, cool, challenge, what else!
Donkey Kong 64 - Mad Jack (Factory Boss)

3. What a beautiful day! Right? It's such a peaceful place, Fungi Forest. It had great challenges, the mine cart, the big spider at night, that huge mushroom, th race with that damn rabbit! xD I would always do the mine cart first! Oh, alos those funny pumpkins, it was cool crushing them. :p
Donkey Kong 64 Music - Fungi Forest

2. Ah, DK Isle, what a nice place with such a nice music. It was cool visiting DK island. It would be great place to visit it in real life, if it existed, don't you think so? It's a beautiful song, that I still enjoy listening and that brings me back so much memories. It's, it's...IT'S NOSTALGIC!!
Donkey Kong 64 - DK Isle

1. And now my favorite music of the game, it's the first music when you enter in the Hideout Helm. I remember that music would stress me. The music + the time we had would really stress me, mostly when I was doing that thing with Diddy and the Jetpac. Also some of the minigames we had to do that weren't easy the first time. It's a cool place and it's really fun to go there. I will always enjoy that stage, ALWAYS! Being my favorite music explains why I putted it as my profile music. =P
Donkey Kong 64 - Hideout Helm

This game was fantastic, from the beginning to the end. It's not the perfect game, but it sure is one of the best of all time. Nintendo hasn't made anything that gives me the same sensation and joy, since when? A good 7-8 and maybe even 10 years... I simply love this game and will always do. I wish Nintendo will make another great DK. DKCR was, but it'll never be better than DK64 or any other DKC.