My Rant

WARNING: This is a full-on rant, so you can expect some swearing.

My Classmates.

Be prepared to enter Hell with what these people act like.

Let me start with these facts.

1. They always have to make everything sexual. EX: Rehearsing Graduation. We always light the next year's graduates candles. Of course, some boy decides to hold it like they have a boner. What the f**k? This boy acts like this "All Day, Every Day of the Week. Fasho!" If you want someone to stuff up someone else's situation, don't call this guy. He'll screw up yours instead.

2. They can't keep secrets for sh*t. Example: Staying at Canberra, away from everyone else. Just the students. One little joke, and it spreads like an STD. I'm not kidding you, one answer and it's already spread so the whole school talks about it. I have no idea how the teachers have found out about it yet. It's still being held against me to this day. What d**khead does that? I'll tell you. The person I brought up in Example 1. At least he isn't part of the Westboro Baptist Church.

3. They annoy the p*ss out of you. Act bummed, and you'll have 5 people on your ass singing to you, not realizing that they're not doing s**t to help me. Then, you have 3 Years of people singing this to you. What's more, you thought there were people you could actually be friends with, then they f**k something up like that. They're so annoying, food doesn't like food anymore. If I could have everything that annoyed me into a bomb, the world would have exploded by now. Or even the universe. And you want to know the way I solved this? 42.

Do you see what these people act like? They are a bunch of people who only care for themselves and an extremely secluded group. If I had a gun, I'd kill all the people in my old class there bar 2. Also, I'm a boy. My main hate is to the boys. The girls are actually kind of nice. Normally they'd f**k something up, but not these girls. Even though one acts like a whore. And yes, this girl is part of Example 2. This girl is only known by 2 others on the forum. My brother and Wolf. I had to tell him about that. She is the sole reason why I went on hiatus. She was my best friend earlier, but now this has happened, I'm extremely p*ssed off at her. But the only reason for that is because of the other students, which I showed in my 2nd point. Do you see what I mean? It's annoying, and I think that if this was on a shortlist for a child celebrity, and I got the choice, I would discourage it. I can't believe that Cate Blanchett chose her kids to go there. And yes, Cate Blanchett comes to my school.

I hope you see what I'm trying to express here. Thank you all for coming, and the next time I make a rant about those people, it's when I visit them in Hell from Heaven.