My rant for today.

During lunch today I had a disagreement with some people about Walt Disney being a Nazi.. They think that just because he was an anti-semantic that makes him a Nazi.

I have a newsflash for you all that may be shocking to hear... Just because someone hates the Jewish does not make them a Nazi. Nazi's didn't just hate jews.. They believed they were the master race and killed countless people that weren't worthy enough. Yes they killed Jews but they also killed Christians and anyone else that they didn't like.

Walt Disney was all American and truly supported the Allies during the war. He made countless anti-nazi propaganda like this.


and this


Shall I go on?

Anyways I know most of you could probably care less about this but it urks me when people assume stuff about people that they don't even know and when they are so ignorant. I hope you learn something from this..