My Opinion on You Guys!

H-J カービイ
One of the three Admins on the form. You are a cool guy, but you seem really smart and sometimes i don't even understand what your syaing :p You're also one of the only Australians i remeber. You're one of the better Admins on the forum and a great guy.

One of the other Australians i can remember. You seem to be a regular here. Your a awesome guy and i have nothing so far i dislike about you.
Daisy_Kisaragi said:
Coco Bandicoot said:
Daisy_Kisaragi said:
Heeeeeeey ;)
Daisy: I don't even know you that much so i can't even give a good opinion. Well so far your a pretty cool girl and all. But I never see you on that much.
I'm on like everyday almost lol, maybe different time zones? IDK lol
You are!? Yeah your probaly on when i'm asleep or something :p
HuntMac: I don't know you that well. But so far your cool and one of the better memebers on the forum. You are also funny.

S.P. On: So far you're pretty great and I don't dislike you. You can be pretty funny sometimes.

I need to start knowing people better. Otherwise they all going to sound the same.

Warning while you were typing a new post appered!

Wolf (Jessie): One of the first members I ever saw on this forum. You are cool guy and there's nothing bad about you. You change your usernames alot anduse to act peachy. But your still pretty cool.
No one is getting a bloody opinion! *Locks Topic*

No, I am joking, let's start:

DeadlyxImpulse said:
You alright, I don't know you too much, but I like you so far

gameguy1996 said:
Lets see what you got.
I like you so far, though we should talk some more!

Yoshi Party! (Sorry said:
You are really cool, I enjoy talking to you in the shoutbox and we both like Popcap!