My Forum History

I quite have a large history in this forum and stuff and I'm going to post my history here. Don't laugh at me. :p

The Beginning:

One night on June 29th, 2008, it was rainy outside. I was bored with nothing to do. I decided to google Mario Party 9 for the heck of it. I look at a few links and then one took me to this site. I looked at it and noticed a forum there. I went and decided to register. I'm bad at making names so I just chose Marioguy. And this is when it started.

A Slow Start:

So I joined and quickly proved to be active. Made a lot of posts and made some friends.  Later, I decided to change my name to Sir Mario. However I did make a couple of spam posts. I don't remember it now but when I look back, I did made some. I was immature back then because it was my first time in a forum. Eventually somewhere in like September, I got banned for 1 day. I was unhappy and a little angry cause of it (Then again I was immature). I got back and tried to recover though not really.

The Dark Age:

So things went back to normal until November when I decided to join MPF cause I was curious. I started becoming more active there. I got a little better but still had some struggles. Then suddenly I got a 10 day ban at this forum. I flamed someone (don't want to say) in a PM (Though it was a few months old). I was furious (Though I didn't know back then why I was banned). When I explore some similar forums like this, apparently some of my friends also got banned. Thus the Revolution started. I don't want to talk about it cause when I look back into it, I feel guilty. I got perma banned here because of it. The Revolt only lasted a day then it disappeared. Despite that, I was still in MBF. Soon the forum got hacked and SMPSF was into doubt.


When 2009 started, SMPSF came back and all updated with new format. However all of the old posts were gone. I managed to get a 2nd chance as I wasn't really a threat. I turned more mature and made less spam posts. I started to get along with the other members. Then in March, MBF turned to MNF (something like that) and I couldn't get my account back cause of an E-mail problem. So I stayed at SMPSF for that. In the summer or fall of 2009, I managed to get back in MNF but soon turned less active.

Promotion and Fun:

In 2009/2010, I became a Mod. I ran the Mario Party Boards. Had trouble at first but got better at it. SMPSF turned more active and things seemed good. MNF turned to MBF and eventually closed.


In February or so Aegis joined. It immediately affected the members. Some enjoyed with him and had a fun time. Others soon disliked him and arguments broke out. Soon some friends joined and there were conflicts everywhere. I stayed quiet cause I didn't want to cause havoc. At first, I (no offense Aegis :p) was worried about him but when time went on, I started respecting him. Things managed to calm down a little by SZ.


Last month or so, I became a Global Mod. I was worried at first but now I'm better. I respected all the members in this forum and...well here we are. Hopefully this place will continue to grow and I hope I'll stay around as long as I can. :)