My Diary: July 2011

Ah, lemme do back the concept I started on the old MPF, letting you know how my life is with corny titles. I remember TT got mad when I did it and then everyone else did it cause it wasn't legit blogging or sonething. Anyways, I'm not gonna do everyday, like I'm not gonna post if I stay hone all day or something uninteresting. An exception will go for yesterday though. :p

July 22nd
Gettin a haircut
I got a haircut today woo. I like it so yeah. A different guy cut it than my usual barber.

Sweating my Balls Off
It was 108 degrees outside today. It was scorching hot. I went oit to get my haircut and then decided I was staying home with my AC.

I spent a good part of my day playing NASCAR The Game 2011 on my 360 since it got a new patch that is supposed to make tge game better. Still meh though.