Here are some of my amazing attacks that I use to serve some True Tea or when I'm in a battle (RPing, etc.)!!!

7 Deadly Tools
Scissors of Death - Sharp scissors that can pierce through ANYTHING.
Rake of Destiny - One strike of this and you'll be knocked off for a while!
Knives of Depression - 7 Knifes that dig through your mind... you're not going to have a sense of happiness.
Hammer of Disorient - A huge-ass hammer that slams your mind into confusion.
Saw of Doom - When I get my saw, I mean business! Just touching it can give you a nasty cut!
Axe of Dement - I lay down the law with this fierce tool! You won't be able to think straight at all!
Thunder of Dreariness - A shocking thunder that can dull/lull the toughest of people!

Magic Attacks
Power of Wit
Power of Kindness
Power of Strength
Power of Love
Power of Courage
Power of Beauty
Power of Mischief
Power of Spooking
Power of Soul
Power of Passion
Power of Joy
Power of Faith
Power of Freedom
Power of Fresh
Power of Weather
Power of SuperStar
Power of MiracleStar

Will update again soon!!

Because translating the tools into Japanese is badass:

急死の鋏 Kyūshi no Hasami
運命の熊手 Unmei no Kumade
恐慌の包丁 Kyōkō no Hōchō
混乱の槌 Konran no Tsuchi
破滅の鋸 Hametsu no Nokogiri
痴呆の斧 Chihō no Ono
陰鬱の雷鳴 In'utsu no Raimei

(edit idk why stupid computers don't auto recognise Unicode =_=)