My 2012 Jul-I and August


Well how do you do the first of July, sitting on the computer fa watching videos, and typing stuff for other things and stuffs. Went out for ice cream from McDonald's, my neighbors are have been shooting out fireworks the past 5 days. No problem with spirit, but they're launching at 6, where there's still light out...Welcome to Washington!

Saw the third Indiana Jones, there goes that line of movies.


Saw the final Lord of the Rings, there goes that line of movies.

Independence Day
Usually my family and I head down to Fort Vancouver to spend 13 hours in the sun looking at a few booths and to relax, then at 10 we'd watch fireworks. But this year was different, I chose not to go. I was given the offer to not go, considering how much my mom knows how bored I get down there, so I decided not to. I'm fine with going out and doing stuff, 13 hour wait, it's too long. It's summer and I'm hanging out with y family plenty. So instead I was at home, and on the computer, I had a couple podcasts to catch up on while working a lot on my Mario Party Board for the contest, if I just drew it it'd take no time, I spent only like 2-4 minutes drawing out what I'd do, and a couple hours on the powerpoint design, probably 3-5 hours. Like I said I have a compulsion to try and make some of the objects look nice, a 3D effect all over, a shiny golden wall or tower. 5 hours, and it's halfway done...ugh...10 now and the fireworks are going off. 4th of July, America, you are here.

Uh... not sure anything occured, oh wait, I did some Halo Reach griefing, got a girl to tell me to kill myself  :-D I love the online community.


My sister invited me to hang out with the seniors, as well as my friend Andrew, to the river. Well, my friend and I wish that we stayed home and played video games. Ugh, it was ridiculous. So he picked me up early and we were waiting for everyone else. 20 minutes, no big deal because we expected that. So we're about 10 minutes away from the entrance to the park when my sister texts "We're on our way meet us at the gate." Ugh, so Andrew tells her no just tell us where to go and we'll wait. No reply. So about 5 or 6 minutes later, we see two cars coming, theirs. So what happens they pass by and my sister says "Hey walk down to the river over there." ... ugh, the day hadn't even started and both Andrew and I were pissed. We waited for them, and they drove right past about another 5 minutes later we finally reach where they are and Andrew steals her food and keeps walking with the group as do I. One of the seniors Conner asks me to hold a towel that was falling and I caught it, I asked whose towel it was, my sister's, so I threw it. Civil disobedience, hey she lost my copy of SM64DS, and made me walk a bloody mile for no reason, she deserved it. Followed by her telling me "Hey next time I won't even invite you." ...please, I feel no reason as to go again, why? Because me and Andrew didn't swim, not that we can't swim we didn't. I swear, we just sat on a bench eating food, while they swam, I chose not to go swimming for one reason, whenever I go any bloody place with a girl that has water and sun, they'll swim for 5 minutes then spend the rest of the time laying in the sun tanning. And that's what they did. All the seniors laid out in the sun for 20 minutes, say for 1 who was sitting up, oh Nolan. After their long lay in the sun we played some keep away and all that sport, probably the best part of the day, which was followed by more "fun". F@#$ me, Andrew and I were getting picked up at the entrance at 5, considering we were quite a ways away from the entrance we asked if someone could drop us off at the entrance, nope. Ugh, so we had to walk all the bloody way back, so I made sure to steal their soda before leaving and leave a mess for them to clean up, Andrew kicked my sister's football in a random bush, sweet redemption. After that I got on here, and now I'm going to bed. Yes, this shows I can complain a lot if it be something that annoys me highly.

Uh...oh yeah I hung out with some peoples today, it's always awkward being at the same place with two people that had broken up...twice.


Went to the store to get a friend a birthday gift, and some soda for myself, decided to spend quite a bit, because I realized that my camping trip is going to last over August 2nd, so I can't preorder Kingdom Hearts, ah well, it happens.

Is it possible to do this much nothing?


Headed off to Oak's Park with some people, got bracelets and rode all the rides, won two crane games, and got home feeling sick maybe apparently due to a dizzy head and slight under eating...whoops. Got some pizza felt better...odd.


Watched some movies...and am now realizing that I haven't been playing video games recently...what is happening to me?
I swear I need to stop making these daily things, I always forget about them.


Nothing I believe


Went out shopping, got my clothes ready to go out to be a groomsmen for my sister's wedding.


Hung out with some friends, learned they all have skype, love to join them, but my damn mic is well as rode in the back of a pick-up truck, pretty fun.


Hoy nada interesante para mí.