If you haven't played this mode at least once, you should.

Personally Light vs Dark is just so much more entertaining than Free For All. Probably the whole idea of becoming Pit/DP and then beating down the enemy team with prejudice, or running like hell from a Daybreak shot (for the unenlightened, think the Dragoon from Kirby Air Ride in its SSBB incarnation, and make it fire a near unavoidable stage-piercing beam of death [near death for angels] when combined), makes it so much fun.

I have a slight grudge towards Japanese players who somehow manage to have OP homing and get OHKOs with Energy Charge (that's what I suspect anyway). Though there are times where I just charge like crazy after activating my Lv 2 or 3 Trade Off and laugh as the opponent tries to kill me (and fails). Not so good but still funny when I do that as an angel.

Power wise I never really use red type (offensive) powers and usually invest in orange (buff), namely Aries Armor and Trade Off, and yellow (effect) to mess with the opponent.

I've had some silly moments where I was an angel and got knocked off the stage causing premature game over. Or sometimes I've launched off a jump spring and circle-spun into the wrong position... :p

I think in total I've played around 300 or so online battles, which isn't many but certainly not a few.