MPL's Pokemon League

How about we start a Pokemon League here? How? Well, basically, people challenge us, and if they beat us, they go up in the ranks, and if they beat ALL elite four members, they become Champion. Y'know how it goes, Just like the Elite Four in Pokemon. We battle through Wi-Fi of course and create some rules maybe, so how about it? Only Elite Four for now since Gym Leader would require 8 more people. :p I'm obviously going to join, so we have 3 spots for Elite Four and 1 Spot for Champion. So far:

1. Staryu
2. Spirit
Marc.o said:
I guess "BIG" legendaries won't be allowed like Lugia, Palkia, etc... and will legendaries like the trio of each gen. be allow (articuno, regis, the three dogs, mesprit.... and all those things)?
Well, what do you guys think? I would only think they should be banned cuz there like very strong. Maybe we could allow 1 use of legendary per match, and of course, out of a certain list of allowable legendaries.
MLYW said:
Why don't the Elite 4/Champions fight amongst each other so we can get a proper ranking?
Sure. Once we get all Elite Four members/Champion, we shall fight. :) I almost got enough for White. Also, we need to make sure we have the rules planted out and "descriptions" for the people. And another thing, you think we should do A"free" Pokemon, right? Cuz I know some Elite Four members mainly only have one type, and that would be too one sided. Just thought i'd get some of your guys opinion.