Most Likely To Become Famous

I want your autograph!!! =D

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I just have word from MC Ryan Cook that it's time to release the shortlists for the Joke Awards. Wait, that ain't right, these are called......




Aha! The "Most Likely To" Awards. dull... >_>

First up is the Most Likely To Be Famous award.

Our nominees:
First, the composer of Muridae and other works, ETHER!
Second, the guy who spends his days BMTing and Blog Statting, MATTC!
Third, the comeback kid from Guyana, COOKIEBOY!
Fourth, the GameStop employee, AEGISREFLECTOR!
Fifth, the other GameStop employee, SNOWY!

So, grab your ties and memorabilia and take a walk down the MPL Hall of Fame!
All of you will be famous on such shows like...

"America's Most Wanted"
"To Catch a Predator"
"Terrorist Watch"
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