Most Likely To Be Badass

Because Zengar Zonvolt isn't. *is cleaved*

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This kid ain't badass.

No way.

Not compared to these powerhouses.

Don't cross them, or they'll mow you down before you can say, "ONORE, KONOYOUNA!!!"

MLYW the Random - Final Move Mega Buster Hoshikudaki w/ Cool Hair
Aegis the Tank - Final Move yuri Kona-Panchi RAGNAROK
Cook the Maestro - Final Move Cookie Avalanche
Chubbo the Heavyweight - Final Move Bear Crusher Suplex
Snowy the Furi-ful - Final Move FURRIES :3333333333333333
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, just 1 vote off. :(

Eh, no surprise though. After all, he IS sexy.
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