Most Hated Anime/Manga Characters

What characters from the anime and manga do you hate seeing?

For me, it's Tokkori, Chris Thorndyke, the Watatsuki sisters, Pen-Pen, Suzaku, Nina, Rolo, Shirley, Kaname Ohgi, Villetta, Tianzi, the Knights of the Round, Mr. Shu, Babidi, Pan, Giru, Anzu, Mokuba, Absalom, Shirahoshi, Kogoro Mouri, and Patricia Martin.
Luffie, Icihago, L, Sasuke, pretty much anybody from those massively stupid franchises lol.

Also, as much of an Eva fan I am, Shinji just pisses me off. He literally had everybody trying to help and comfort him but he was just too much of a coward to accept it.

In Rosario + Vampire I despised Ginei even though he does have a badass werewolf transformation.

In FMA I always despised Pride just because I.didn't think he was as badass as people made him out to be. His character just seemed to irk me.

Off the top of my head. I tend to be really open to characters tbh.