I'm sure you all know what these are, but still, it's kinda interesting to hear what sort of modem you use/have used.

Ages ago I had a Surfboard modem thing which was on cable (but slow >.> talking about AUS here) and connected via ethernet or USB to the PC. I then moved on to a wireless dongle while at my dad's workplace there was a 2Wire modem with 4 LAN splitting plus Wifi capability (which I used in some Brawl matches which were faster than anything I could have now >.>). I'm now on a PocketWifi modem which is satellite - modem - device i.e. two stage wifi transmission. Not exactly efficient... but whatevs. =P
My famly recently got a new modem and it works well, although I'm having a bit of issues with the internet loading something that's not visible, like a tab icon keeps circling. Not sure if that has to do with the modem, but still. Anyway, the old modem was becoming outdated and doesn't connect to the internet in all areas of my house. Now with the new one, it's faster and can access to internet anywhere from my house.