Minigame Suggestions

Name: Round The World In 15 Seconds
Type: 4-Player
Time Limit: 15 Seconds
Controls: Spin the Wii (U) remote in a circle to spin a globe.
Description: Who can spin a globe the fastest? Let's find out
How To Win: Spin the globe the most times to win

Name: Light The Night
Type: 4-Player OR 2 VS 2
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Controls: Point the Wii (U) remote at the screen and move it to move the crosshairs
              A to throw
Description: It's really dark up the top of the mountain. Throw candles on the pedestals to light it up
How To Win: Have the most lit candles at the end of 30 seconds

Name: It's Raining Coins
Type: Coin Collecting
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Controls: Hold Wii (U) remote sideways and use D-Pad to move
              A to put up umbrella
Desription: Look! It's raining coins. Catch them all but look out for the hail
How To Win: Just Collect Coins

Name: Turntable
Type: 1 Vs 3
Time Limit: 35 Seconds
1 Player: Flick the Wii (U) remote side to side
              A to send train left
              B to send train right
3 Players: D-Pad to Run
                A to jump
Description: It looks like three of you got stuck on the turntable. And the others controlling the turntable... And Trains!

Name: Hammer Head
Type: 1 Vs 3
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
1 Player: Flick Wii (U) remote to throw hammer
              D-Pad to move
3 Player: D-Pad to move
Description: It looks like three of you are stuck on the bridge. And having hammer's being thrown at you. Look out

Thats it for now
Name : Tilted Controls I suck at names... please don't comment.

Type : 1vs3

Rules : Team players must survive on the arena that's in full control by the Solo player. If 60 seconds and all the players haven't been knocked out, they win!

Controls :
    Solo Player (WiiU Gamepad) -
          Stylus - Drag objects onto the arena
          Gyro - Tilt the stage (Move the objects)

    Team Players (Wii Remotes) -
          Control Pad - Move
          2 - Jump

Advice :
  Solo Player -
There are 4 separate objects that can be created - Koopa Shell, Spiny Shell, Spiked Ball, and Bob-omb.
Koopa Shells move the fastest, but they can be stomped on.
Spiny Shells move at a decent speed, but can be jumped over.
Spiked Balls move really slow, but players are be unable to jump over them.
Bob-ombs move automatically towards the closest opponent and try to blow them up.
Be aware that you can only create so many objects at a given time.

  Solo Player -
Try leading Bob-ombs into some of the objects to knock them out of the area instead.
Koopa Shells can also be countered by jumping on them.
Watch-out for the shadows of falling objects as well!
The name could be something like Arena Ambush. Anyway some more minigame ideas

Name: Draw Bore (It's not a very good name)
Type: Coin Collecting
Time Limit: 60 Seconds
Rules: The player with the GamePad has to draw a given picture (Easy, Medium, Hard) and the other three players must guess the picture. Guessers must spell the word to win three coins each drawing.
1-Player: Draw on GamePad
3-Players: Point Wii Remote at screen
                Press A to insert letter
Description: Draw the words the Toad's give you to win big cash. You collect three coins each correct word.

Name: Superbros
Type: 2 VS 2
Rules: You and a partner have gained super powers and must pass the obstacles to save the Goomba
Controls: D-Pad to move as you fly
              A to smash the brick walls
              B to leap
Description: Drink the chemical and fly across the Mushroom Kingdom. Careful though there's lots of obstacles in the way


More minigame ideas:

Name: Moustachio
Type: 1 VS 3
Time Limit: 30 seconds
Rules:One player must find the disguised others
1 Player: Point Wii Remote at screen and move to move crosshairs
              Press A to choose character
3 Players: D-Pad to move
Description: The three players are hiding in the crowd. Quick! Find them and pick them. Find all 3 to win.

Name: She Shells, Sea Sells
Type: 2 VS 2
Time Limit: 30 seconds
Rules: Collect the most sea shells and return them to the Pianta
Controls: D-Pad to move
                        A to give shells
Description: Down at the beach the wind is blowing and the Pianta has lost her sea shells. Find the sea shells and give them back to the Pianta. Whoever returns the most wins.

Name: Mushroom! Bounce! Mushroom!
Type: 4-Player
Time Limit: Unlimited
Rules: Bounce along the mushrooms and make it to the other side first
Controls: D-Pad to move
                        A to jump
Description: Bounce along the mushrooms and run along the hills and make it to the other side first to win.
Life as Mushroom
Type: 4 player
Description: Try to not get smashed, because you are a goomba.
Controls: Wii controller sideways, left or right to walk left or right.
Seconds: 30 or when 3 are eliminated.
Mario: Basic
Luigi: Fast
Peach: Slow

Shell Shine
Type: 4 player
Description: You are in a room with bouncing shell, avoid the shells.
Controls: Sideways control, 2 to jump, d-pad to move.
Seconds: 45
15 seconds - 2nd shell comes in
30 seconds - 3rd shell comes in

Explosive Maze
Type: 4 player
Description: You lost you Bob-omb, try to find it.
Controls: Sideways control, d-pad to move.
Seconds: Till one person finds their Bob-omb.
Players have different-colored Bob-ombs.
50 X 50 block maze. Push orange blocks to make new paths.
Fake Bob-omb doll slows you down.

Enemy-based minigames!
Type: 4-Player
Time Limit: 30 Seconds
Rules: Everyone is on flipping platforms (like the blocks in Suoer Mario Sunshine). Be careful not to fall off and stay on the longest to win! But look out. Gravity will switch from time to time and you'll fly over to different platforms.
Controls: D-Pad Move
              A To Jump
Description: Oh No! The platforms are flipping! Don't fall off and be careful of the gravity switches!

Type: 4-Player
Time Limit: 30 seconds
Rules: A Tornado is spinning around pulling you in. Run away and don't get sucked up
Controls: A to Dash
Description: A tornado is brewing in Toad Town! And it's trying to suck you up! Quick run! Whoever survives the longest wins

Time Flies
Type: 4-Player
Time Limit: 15 seconds (each time)
Rules: The Pianta wants a time of day to go to. Speed up time and take him to where he wants. But don't go to far or you'll have to go back
Controls: 1 to make time go forward
              2 to make time go backward
Description: The Pianta wants to go to a specific time of day. Speed up time and take him to where he wants (this is supposed to be like Picture This)
Color Boo-lind

Type: 8-Player

Game Directions: Working together as a team, sort the Boos by color! Only by agreeing can the Boo move!

Introduction: Toadette is seen chasing a white Boo to the white fence, then leading a red Boo to the red fence.

Gameplay: A Boo appears to be sorted. The two players have to press the same button for the Boo to move to a fence. Only Boos that move to the same colored fence grant points. Once a Boo moves to a fence another enters the area, and the minigame repeats until time is over.

Time Limit: 30 seconds

Ending: Toadette, a white Boo, a red Boo and King Boo are seen next to the winning team that proceed to do their winning poses, while the losing teams perform their losing poses.

A, Right Control Stick: White Fence
DPad, Left Control Stick: Red Fence