Midbus RPG: The Dinnerbox of Destruction - Series Cancelled

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This is the fan site of the Midbus RPG. The main website is url removed
Episode #1 of the transcript of Mario Party 9's preview is a few days away, but there are 5 reasons that can make you laugh:
  • Jimmy argues about Toadette winning all the time, he gets angry and tips a mug of hot coffee on Midbus.
  • Midbus has a tea party during the preview. King Boo chases Mario and Co. away if they are in HIS castle.
  • Fawful receives no reply from his fans and before that, he lost an unexpected battle to Midbus. By using his magic powers,  he said 'Soap' instead of 'Soak'.
  • King Boo, Dry Bones and Jimmy are racing on insects for 2 rounds. Some of them crash or lose control during the race.
  • King Boo seems to hate pizzas while Mario and Friends are making one in HIS castle.

Episode description: Fawful and Midbus, along with Jimmy T., Dry Bones and King Boo discuss about Mario Party 9. Jimmy T. says that :toadette has never lost in any single appearance as a playable character throughout the Mario Spinoffs series in real life. Jimmy T. gets angry and tips a mug of hot coffee on Midbus. The craziness continues when they have a tea party, racing on insects and rock on with the minigames!

More episodes of Midbus RPG transcripts will be released every Thursday. A Special episode is due on March 1 prior to Mario Party 9's arrival in Europe.
Episode 1 is released! Check out how Midbus and Fawful preview Mario Party 9 here: http://dinnerboxofdestruction.weebly.com/episode-1.html

I hope you enjoy it!

Episode 2 is due next week, but here is a little detail about the show;

Episode 2: Midbus and Fawful goes to Mario Party 9 interviews Red Toad, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Green Toad and Purple Toad and discusses more about the game. Later after this, Midbus has been chased by the Mushroom Kingdom and Diamond Police because of driving past a red light. Fawful attempts to stop them but instead, their car blows up and they ended up in a carnival.

Episode 2 will be released next week. The 5 reasons why you should laugh will be shown at this post at a later time.
Not open for further replies.