Metroid: Zero Mission

A re-make of the original Metroid game on the NES. (in fact, the original NES game was on this game)

Apart from the original game, you also got an additional part when attacked by the Space Pirates.
This game also introduced Samus' "Zero Suit", used in some games afterwards (and SSBB).

Overall, I thought it was a good re-make, though I never played the original Metroid myself (this actually being the first Metroid game I ever played) I thought this remake made things a lot better than in the original version (like aiming diagonally :p)
I also really enjoyed the part when you got attacked by the Space Pirates and had to hide from them while in the Zero Suit~ I found it suspenseful.
Zero Suit mode really screwed me up at times x_x

Kinda cool that later powerups from the series (Plasma and Gravity, looking at you) are obtainable but locked until getting the Fully Powered Suit.

Remind me if they added ledge grabbing in this one, if they did it was a wise addition.

Shinesparks and Ballsparks were brutal in this :L