Member of the Year/MPL Superstar 2011 (VOTING BEGINS NOW!)

This is in the vein of last year's system however to make competition tougher I've decided to have five nominations per PM.

For those of you who weren't here, the way the Member of the Year award works is that members PM one of the staff with a list of members (in rank order) who they vote for in this award.

For example:
Hi Ryou,

These are my 5 picks for MOTY 2011:
1. SZ
2. Topper
3. Vaati
4. Sunflora
5. Cook



1st pick gets five points, down to one point for 5th nomination. The member with the most points obviously wins, but we'll let you know of the top three and honorable mentions as well.

We'll leave this open for a little while so as many active members can vote as possible. Hopefully we can trump the 25 PMs we got last time :p

Please vote for members who in general capture the essence of MPL; whether that be in dedication and hard work, friendliness, humor or anything along those lines, vote wisely. :p You don't have to vote staff if you find other members are more deserving ;)

Also, I recommend PMing one of Sunflora, Dark Boo, Cook or SZ since I'll be overseas and Ryou is interstate iirc.

Best of luck everyone, and we'll see you again when the Superstar for 2011 is announced!~ ;)