Member of the Year 2013! (MPL SuperStar)

Time to vote for your favorite member of 2013! The rules are simple. Basically, you will vote for 5 people in an order. Here's an example:

1. Walhart
2. Dixie
3. Yuga
4. Wonder-Red
5. Meta Knight

The order of the list matters, as it distributes points that way. The person on the top gets the most points, and then work your way down:

1. Walhart (+5)
2. Dixie (+4)
3. Yuga (+3)
4. Wonder-Red (+2)
5. Meta Knight (+1)

After everyone's votes are added up, the person with the most points win! You won't know who wins until the deadline though!

Make a list as shown, and PM SuperZambezi the list! Good luck to everyone!

Voting closes: January 18th, 2013. Get your votes in before the 18th because I am random and I will add them all up sometime on Saturday.
And here are the winners!

With a total of 10 votes, the 3rd superstar is...

Our second place prize comes with a tie! With 12 votes each...
Toadette and SuperZambezi!!

And last but not least, with 22 votes total, our 2013 Member of the Year is...

Many thanks to everyone who voted, and rest assured that there were many more nominated! And since I could see all the results, I didn't vote, so you can put all your conspiracy theories aside. :p Congratulations to all the winners!
Dark Boo said:
I won't even recognize this if <8 people voted
- This is not a form of complaining -