Member of the Year 2012!! (MPL SuperStar)


This didn't exactly work well last year, so let's try again! Basically, we're going to take a vote for member of the year!! The person who was the most outstanding and outrageous person who we all know and love! It could be a friend, or person you felt did a lot to help, it's who YOU want! EVERYONE is eligible for this award, both new and old members, and staff. Let me show you how it works:

Basically, you will vote for 5 people in an order: (Here's an example)
1. Dark Boo
2. SpiderStaryu
3. The Joker
4. Timmy
5. Toadette

The order of the list matters, as it distributes points that way. The person on the top gets the most points, and then work your way down:
Dark Boo's first on the list, so he gets 5 points.
SpiderStaryu gets 4 points.
The Joker gets 3 points.
Timmy gets 2 points.
Toadette gets 1 point.

After everyone's votes are added up, the person with the most points win! You won't know who wins until the deadline though!!

You get it!?

Alright, if you don't understand... I guess you can ask questions! And hopefully we'll clear any confusion up! But yes! It's very simple! Make a list as shown, and PM SpiderStaryu (that's me!), remember, you have to PM me, otherwise your vote will NOT count! Good luck and everyone, and send in those votes!

Voting closes: January 19th, 2013, Saturday, 12:15 PM EST.

We have a tie for 3rd! With 10 votes, the 3rd superstars are...
Toadette and Vipsoccermaster!!


Our resident ranter himself got 2nd! With 16 votes, the 2nd superstar is...
Dark Boo!!


The juicy player got 1st... with a total of 20 votes, the superstar is...

Thank you everyone for sending in your votes!! Make sure to congratulate our winners! Till next year, bye bye!!