Mega Man Survivor v2

Who should be spared from the junkyard?

  • Bright Man

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1st Winner: Cut Man
1st Loser: Bomb Man

2nd Winner: Air Man
2nd Loser: Quick Man

3rd Winner: Gemini Man
3rd Losers: Needle Man, Spark Man, Shadow Man

4th Winner: Skull Man
4th Loser: Bright Man

5th Winner: Crystal Man
5th Losers: Stone Man, Wave Man

6th Winner: Knight Man
6th Losers: Plant Man, Tomahawk Man

7th Winner: Freeze Man
7th Losers: Burst Man, Spring Man, Slash Man

8th Winner: Tengu Man
8th Loser: Burner Man

9th Winner: Tornado Man
9th Loser: Plug Man

10th Winner: Blade Man

Battle 11 - The Ultimate Loser! The rules are different in this battle. This time, vote for your favorite Robot Master from the list!

Stone Man rolled off in a rolling stone!

17. Quick Man
16. Shadow Man
15. Bomb Man
14. Plug Man
13. Tomahawk Man
12. Spring Man
11. Plant Man
10. Burst Man
9. Spark Man
8. Slash Man
7. Needle Man
6. Wave Man
5. Pump Man
4. Sheep Man
3. Stone Man