Me vs Sister

Yeah so some people who were in a Skype call with me heard me play Mario Party with my sister. :p We've been playing a ton of it for no reason this summer. I figured I'd start keeping track of this so here we go:

MP8 King Boo Board- Her
MP8 Koopa's Tycoon Town- Me
MP8 Windmilleville- Me
MP7 Pyramid Park- Her
MP7 Windmillville (w/ 2 cousins)- Me
MP8 Shy Guy Train (w/ 2 cousins)- Cousin
MP7 Neon Heights (w/ cousin)- CPU Daisy

That's some recent ones. Anyhoo:

7/17/11        MP8 Bowser's Warped Orbit  (10 turns)

So we did a 10 turn game last night at like 2 am cause my sister wanted to get the points to buy the carnival figures. By random Peach and Daisy were chosen. And Daisy pretty much kicked our butts. We were pretty confused on how the board worked and Daisy ended up with like 14 stars, I had about 7, my sister had 3, and Peach ended the game with 0 stars and 1 coin.
MP7 Pagoda Peak (50 turns...)​

Do not do a 50 turn game in Mario Party 7. Ever. Shit is sooooo boring. 30 turns feels like 50. It took us 4 hours to complete the game. I was leading early with 2 stars, then my sister got a star from me from dueling and then got 4 stars. Then I got my star back in another duel and suddenly me, her, and Yoshi all had 4 stars. Meanwhile I slowly took over the whole board filling it with orbs mainly due to Kamek taking other people's stuff. Then from there I took off. I ended the game with 14 stars (2 bonus stars), Yoshi 2nd with 7 stars and 14 coins, Wario 3rd with 6 stars and 10 coins, and my sister last with 6 stars and 9 coins.
So we played every board in Mario Party 4. She won all of them. We did a 50 turn one at Koopa's board and Daisy almost won and I got 3rd and she won. The only one I won at Toad's board I won the minigame star by 4 coins over Daisy or else she would've won the game. And on Boo's board I led before the bonus stars but she got 2 bonus stars and no one got the happening star so I lost and I had more coins than her at the end.

And we did a Mario Party 7 game at Bowser's board and Mario and Waluigi owned us. I managed to get 2nd but Mario owned us and Waluigi got 3rd. And we did a game at Faire Square in Mario Party 6 and Daisy got a shitload of stars. I tried to keep up and I ended up like 5 stars behind her and my sister was like 10 behind and then Peach got last.

And we did a Mario Party 3 50 turn game at Chilly Waters. I stole 3 stars from her from Boo. Daisy got a bunch of stars at the end but then I got 2 bonus stars to secure the win. Daisy got 2nd my sister got 3rd and Mario got last.