Mario Tennis Open Review

After a 7 year break Mario tennis is back.This time in 3d.Lets get started

The game play in Mario Tennis Open plays more like the Nintendo 64  and the Nintendo
Game cube installments.Gone are the power shots but in are are five new shots lob,topspin,drop,slice and the most broken flat shots.I said this because you all most always score on your foe.There are  five  difficulty levels novice,intermediate,expert,pro and ace pick the one that suites you.

Single player
Gone is the rpg mode in is the tournament mode which gets harder as you go depper  into it.There is also exhibition and finally special games there are 4 of them ring shot were you and a player try and get as many rings within a time limit,super Mario tennis were you play through levels of super Mario bros,Galaxy Rally were you  Rally with Luma and ink showdown were you try to get it past a computer player as many times as you can with in 3 balls.Also this is were the locked characters await you.

The online works really fast.However it lags from time two time.

You can check your records here it also has all your mii stuff there are 194 items for your mii.

You can play people you meet here.

Local Multiplayer
Here you can play with someone who has a 3ds.If you help getting some costumes or just want to play with a friend turn here.

Over all Mario Tennis Open is pretty good game that is way a give it an 8 out of 10.