Mario Sports Mix Review


Story  10/10
A commet crashes to the ground at Princess Peach's castle and four Toads go to investigate. They find four different colored crystals with different sports balls and a hockey coin in them. They decide to hold a tournament with the winning team earning the trophie. There are three tournaments and the winner of each wins a trophy with the crystal inside. During the events of the finals of the Star Tournament it turns out that the opposing team captain is actually Ninja. Ninja steals the trophy (to what I think is to protect you) and you play against the Final Fantasy team. Once all the trophies have been collected the player character will put the fourth and final crystal in the starship and the ship starts shaking and goes through a portal. in the Portal is Behemoth who is angrey and attacks. Once he is beaten you celebrate and it's the end... or is it? Once you finish the Sports Mix cup the same happens where the four crystals fuse and it becoms black and evil and this time Behemoth is back and much more angrey than before as the more powerfull King Behemoth. Once he is defeated you and your team celebrate and all is well.

For a simple Mario Sports game this game has a good story.

Controls 9/10
You can play with the Wiimote allone and use it like a controller or use the Wiimote and nunchuck to use motion controls. I prefer the Wiimote alone, but both are good.

Graphics 9/10
For a Wii game the graphics are good. They are somewhere in between MP9's and Mario Kart Wii's graphics, so they are good.

Music 5/10
The theme with the trumpet is annoying, but the rest is your nice Mario (and Final Fantasy) affair.

Gameplay 7/10
The gamplay itself is great. It plays like you would expect, but with the Mario flair. After a while of playing the games do seem to get stale.

Dodgeball: Undeniably players favorite. Dodgeball plays the same as you would think. Though sometimes the items seem increadibly unfair in this sport. The star is the cheepest item ever since it can bounce off the walls and hurt all three (or two) of your team members more than once. Though all in all it is rather decent.

Volleyball: Plays like volleyball. It plays nice and there is always a nice change to get a powerfull hit in. The only issue I see from this sport is the net blocking. Yea it's in real life volleyball, but in Sports Mix it's SUPER cheep. A character like White Mage has an unpassible block that 80% of the time gets the opposing team points.

Basketball: Plays almost exactly like 3 on 3 did.

Hockey: Is passed of as Ice Hackey in promotion, but has only one Ice Hockey stage. It plays like hockey and is rather nice. The only problem is that it's way to easy to get a goal in some stages.

Replay Value 8/10
After you played all the sports and got all the trophies you may come back to unlock all the characters and play wifi and play with friends. The games do tend to get old after a while so it ais kinda low, but high if you just enjoy everything about it.

Roster 9/10
The roster for this game is good. It has a nice mix of Mario and Square Enix characters. They all play differently and all look great. I LOVE the fact that White Mage, Black Mage, Ninja, Moogle, and Cactaur are in the game since I love the Final Fantasy series so much.  My only beef is with the armless Slime being able to play these game, but even he (or she if it's She-Slime) is alright.

Overall 80/100
This is a fun game if your a Mario or Square Enix spin-off fan, but if your not you may find this game rather boring.

Did I mention I LOVE how the characters are textured in this game? It makes them look so fantastic!